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Published: Feb 9, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0




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const (
	APIServerComponent string = "apiserver"
	OtherContentType   string = "other"
	OtherRequestMethod string = "other"
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const (
	// ReadOnlyKind is a string identifying read only request kind
	ReadOnlyKind = "readOnly"
	// MutatingKind is a string identifying mutating request kind
	MutatingKind = "mutating"


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var (

	// DroppedRequests is a number of requests dropped with 'Try again later' response"
	DroppedRequests = compbasemetrics.NewCounterVec(
			Name:           "apiserver_dropped_requests_total",
			Help:           "Number of requests dropped with 'Try again later' response",
			StabilityLevel: compbasemetrics.ALPHA,
	// RegisteredWatchers is a number of currently registered watchers splitted by resource.
	RegisteredWatchers = compbasemetrics.NewGaugeVec(
			Name:           "apiserver_registered_watchers",
			Help:           "Number of currently registered watchers for a given resources",
			StabilityLevel: compbasemetrics.ALPHA,
		[]string{"group", "version", "kind"},
	WatchEvents = compbasemetrics.NewCounterVec(
			Name:           "apiserver_watch_events_total",
			Help:           "Number of events sent in watch clients",
			StabilityLevel: compbasemetrics.ALPHA,
		[]string{"group", "version", "kind"},
	WatchEventsSizes = compbasemetrics.NewHistogramVec(
			Name:           "apiserver_watch_events_sizes",
			Help:           "Watch event size distribution in bytes",
			Buckets:        compbasemetrics.ExponentialBuckets(1024, 2.0, 8),
			StabilityLevel: compbasemetrics.ALPHA,
		[]string{"group", "version", "kind"},

* By default, all the following metrics are defined as falling under * ALPHA stability level * * Promoting the stability level of the metric is a responsibility of the component owner, since it * involves explicitly acknowledging support for the metric across multiple releases, in accordance with * the metric stability policy.


func CleanScope

func CleanScope(requestInfo *request.RequestInfo) string

CleanScope returns the scope of the request.

func InstrumentHandlerFunc

func InstrumentHandlerFunc(verb, group, version, resource, subresource, scope, component string, handler http.HandlerFunc) http.HandlerFunc

InstrumentHandlerFunc works like Prometheus' InstrumentHandlerFunc but adds some Kubernetes endpoint specific information.

func InstrumentRouteFunc

func InstrumentRouteFunc(verb, group, version, resource, subresource, scope, component string, routeFunc restful.RouteFunction) restful.RouteFunction

InstrumentRouteFunc works like Prometheus' InstrumentHandlerFunc but wraps the go-restful RouteFunction instead of a HandlerFunc plus some Kubernetes endpoint specific information.

func MonitorRequest

func MonitorRequest(req *http.Request, verb, group, version, resource, subresource, scope, component, contentType string, httpCode, respSize int, elapsed time.Duration)

MonitorRequest handles standard transformations for client and the reported verb and then invokes Monitor to record a request. verb must be uppercase to be backwards compatible with existing monitoring tooling.

func RecordLongRunning

func RecordLongRunning(req *http.Request, requestInfo *request.RequestInfo, component string, fn func())

RecordLongRunning tracks the execution of a long running request against the API server. It provides an accurate count of the total number of open long running requests. requestInfo may be nil if the caller is not in the normal request flow.

func RecordRequestTermination

func RecordRequestTermination(req *http.Request, requestInfo *request.RequestInfo, component string, code int)

RecordRequestTermination records that the request was terminated early as part of a resource preservation or apiserver self-defense mechanism (e.g. timeouts, maxinflight throttling, proxyHandler errors). RecordRequestTermination should only be called zero or one times per request.

func Register

func Register()

Register all metrics.

func Reset

func Reset()

Reset all metrics.

func UpdateInflightRequestMetrics

func UpdateInflightRequestMetrics(nonmutating, mutating int)


type ResponseWriterDelegator

type ResponseWriterDelegator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResponseWriterDelegator interface wraps http.ResponseWriter to additionally record content-length, status-code, etc.

func (*ResponseWriterDelegator) ContentLength

func (r *ResponseWriterDelegator) ContentLength() int

func (*ResponseWriterDelegator) Status

func (r *ResponseWriterDelegator) Status() int

func (*ResponseWriterDelegator) Write

func (r *ResponseWriterDelegator) Write(b []byte) (int, error)

func (*ResponseWriterDelegator) WriteHeader

func (r *ResponseWriterDelegator) WriteHeader(code int)

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