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type DopplerPool

type DopplerPool interface {
	RegisterDoppler(addr string)
	Subscribe(dopplerAddr string, ctx context.Context, req *loggregator_v2.EgressBatchRequest) (loggregator_v2.Egress_BatchedReceiverClient, error)

	Close(dopplerAddr string)

    DopplerPool creates a pool of doppler gRPC connections

    type Finder

    type Finder interface {
    	Next() plumbing.Event

      Finder yields events that tell us what dopplers are available.

      type GRPCConnector

      type GRPCConnector struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        GRPCConnector establishes GRPC connections to dopplers and allows calls to Firehose, Stream, etc to be reduced down to a single Receiver.

        func NewGRPCConnector

        func NewGRPCConnector(
        	bufferSize int,
        	pool DopplerPool,
        	f Finder,
        	m MetricClient,
        ) *GRPCConnector

          NewGRPCConnector creates a new GRPCConnector.

          func (*GRPCConnector) Subscribe

          func (c *GRPCConnector) Subscribe(ctx context.Context, req *loggregator_v2.EgressBatchRequest) (recv func() (*loggregator_v2.Envelope, error), err error)

            Subscribe returns a Receiver that yields all corresponding messages from Doppler

            type MetricClient

            type MetricClient interface {
            	NewCounter(name string, opts ...metricemitter.MetricOption) *metricemitter.Counter

              MetricClient creates new CounterMetrics to be emitted periodically.

              type Pool

              type Pool struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              func NewPool

              func NewPool(size int, opts ...grpc.DialOption) *Pool

              func (*Pool) Close

              func (p *Pool) Close(dopplerAddr string)

              func (*Pool) RegisterDoppler

              func (p *Pool) RegisterDoppler(addr string)