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type AddrStruct

type AddrStruct struct{ Val string }

    AddrStruct implements the net.Addr for test purpose.

    func (AddrStruct) Network

    func (a AddrStruct) Network() string

      Network is part of net.Addr interface.

      func (AddrStruct) String

      func (a AddrStruct) String() string

        String is part of net.Addr interface.

        type FakeNetwork

        type FakeNetwork struct {
        	NetworkInterfaces []net.Interface
        	// The key of map Addrs is the network interface name
        	Address map[string][]net.Addr

          FakeNetwork implements the NetworkInterfacer interface for test purpose.

          func NewFakeNetwork

          func NewFakeNetwork() *FakeNetwork

            NewFakeNetwork initializes a FakeNetwork.

            func (*FakeNetwork) AddInterfaceAddr

            func (f *FakeNetwork) AddInterfaceAddr(intf *net.Interface, addrs []net.Addr)

              AddInterfaceAddr create an interface and its associated addresses for FakeNetwork implementation.

              func (*FakeNetwork) Addrs

              func (f *FakeNetwork) Addrs(intf *net.Interface) ([]net.Addr, error)

                Addrs is part of NetworkInterfacer interface.

                func (*FakeNetwork) Interfaces

                func (f *FakeNetwork) Interfaces() ([]net.Interface, error)

                  Interfaces is part of NetworkInterfacer interface.

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