Package testutil contains helper functions for writing tests.



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    func ProjID

    func ProjID() string

      ProjID returns the project ID to use in integration tests, or the empty string if none is configured.

      func TokenSource

      func TokenSource(ctx context.Context, scopes ...string) oauth2.TokenSource

        TokenSource returns the OAuth2 token source to use in integration tests, or nil if none is configured. TokenSource will log.Fatal if the token source is specified but missing or invalid.


        type Server

        type Server struct {
        	Addr string
        	Gsrv *grpc.Server
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          A Server is an in-process gRPC server, listening on a system-chosen port on the local loopback interface. Servers are for testing only and are not intended to be used in production code.

          To create a server, make a new Server, register your handlers, then call Start:

          srv, err := NewServer()
          mypb.RegisterMyServiceServer(srv.Gsrv, &myHandler)

          Clients should connect to the server with no security:

          conn, err := grpc.Dial(srv.Addr, grpc.WithInsecure())

          func NewServer

          func NewServer() (*Server, error)

            NewServer creates a new Server. The Server will be listening for gRPC connections at the address named by the Addr field, without TLS.

            func (*Server) Close

            func (s *Server) Close()

              Close shuts down the server.

              func (*Server) Start

              func (s *Server) Start()

                Start causes the server to start accepting incoming connections. Call Start after registering handlers.