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type Client

type Client interface {
	// GetClusterID gets the cluster ID from PD.
	GetClusterID(ctx context.Context) uint64
	// GetTS gets a timestamp from PD.
	GetTS(ctx context.Context) (int64, int64, error)
	// GetTSAsync gets a timestamp from PD, without block the caller.
	GetTSAsync(ctx context.Context) TSFuture
	// GetRegion gets a region and its leader Peer from PD by key.
	// The region may expire after split. Caller is responsible for caching and
	// taking care of region change.
	// Also it may return nil if PD finds no Region for the key temporarily,
	// client should retry later.
	GetRegion(ctx context.Context, key []byte) (*metapb.Region, *metapb.Peer, error)
	// GetPrevRegion gets the previous region and its leader Peer of the region where the key is located.
	GetPrevRegion(ctx context.Context, key []byte) (*metapb.Region, *metapb.Peer, error)
	// GetRegionByID gets a region and its leader Peer from PD by id.
	GetRegionByID(ctx context.Context, regionID uint64) (*metapb.Region, *metapb.Peer, error)
	// GetStore gets a store from PD by store id.
	// The store may expire later. Caller is responsible for caching and taking care
	// of store change.
	GetStore(ctx context.Context, storeID uint64) (*metapb.Store, error)
	// GetAllStores gets all stores from pd.
	// The store may expire later. Caller is responsible for caching and taking care
	// of store change.
	GetAllStores(ctx context.Context, opts ...GetStoreOption) ([]*metapb.Store, error)
	// Update GC safe point. TiKV will check it and do GC themselves if necessary.
	// If the given safePoint is less than the current one, it will not be updated.
	// Returns the new safePoint after updating.
	UpdateGCSafePoint(ctx context.Context, safePoint uint64) (uint64, error)
	// ScatterRegion scatters the specified region. Should use it for a batch of regions,
	// and the distribution of these regions will be dispersed.
	ScatterRegion(ctx context.Context, regionID uint64) error
	// GetOperator gets the status of operator of the specified region.
	GetOperator(ctx context.Context, regionID uint64) (*pdpb.GetOperatorResponse, error)
	// Close closes the client.

Client is a PD (Placement Driver) client. It should not be used after calling Close().

func NewClient

func NewClient(pdAddrs []string, security SecurityOption) (Client, error)

NewClient creates a PD client.

type GetStoreOp

type GetStoreOp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GetStoreOp represents available options when getting stores.

type GetStoreOption

type GetStoreOption func(*GetStoreOp)

GetStoreOption configures GetStoreOp.

func WithExcludeTombstone

func WithExcludeTombstone() GetStoreOption

WithExcludeTombstone excludes tombstone stores from the result.

type SecurityOption

type SecurityOption struct {
	CAPath   string
	CertPath string
	KeyPath  string

SecurityOption records options about tls

type TSFuture

type TSFuture interface {
	// Wait gets the physical and logical time, it would block caller if data is not available yet.
	Wait() (int64, int64, error)

TSFuture is a future which promises to return a TSO.

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