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const (
	StoragePathActionQueue         = "actionQueue"
	StoragePathHighPriorityQueue   = "highPriorityQueue"
	StoragePathHighPrioritySenders = "highPrioritySenders"
	StoragePathBeansOwing          = "beansOwing"
	StoragePathEgress              = "egress"
	StoragePathMailbox             = "mailbox"
	StoragePathCustom              = "published"
	StoragePathBundles             = "bundles"
	StoragePathSwingStore          = "swingStore"

Top-level paths for chain storage should remain synchronized with packages/internal/src/chain-storage-paths.js

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const (
	QueryEgress        = "egress"
	QueryMailbox       = "mailbox"
	LegacyQueryStorage = "storage"
	LegacyQueryKeys    = "keys"

query endpoints supported by the swingset Querier

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const (
	// SwingStoreArtifactModeNone means that no artifacts are part of the
	// export / import.
	SwingStoreArtifactModeNone = "none"

	// SwingStoreArtifactModeOperational represents the minimal set of artifacts
	// needed to operate a node.
	SwingStoreArtifactModeOperational = "operational"

	// SwingStoreArtifactModeReplay represents the set of artifacts needed to
	// replay the current incarnation of every vat.
	SwingStoreArtifactModeReplay = "replay"

	// SwingStoreArtifactModeArchival represents the set of all artifacts
	// providing all available historical state.
	SwingStoreArtifactModeArchival = "archival"

	// SwingStoreArtifactModeDebug represents the maximal set of artifacts
	// available in the JS swing-store, including any kept around for debugging
	// purposes only (like previous XS heap snapshots)
	SwingStoreArtifactModeDebug = "debug"
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const (
	// SwingStoreExportDataModeSkip indicates "export data" should be excluded from
	// an export. ArtifactMode cannot be "none" in this case.
	SwingStoreExportDataModeSkip = "skip"

	// SwingStoreExportDataModeRepairMetadata indicates the "export data" should be
	// used to repair the metadata of an existing swing-store for an import
	// operation. ArtifactMode must be "none" in this case.
	SwingStoreExportDataModeRepairMetadata = "repair-metadata"

	// SwingStoreExportDataModeAll indicates "export data" should be part of the
	// export or import. For import, ArtifactMode cannot be "none".
	SwingStoreExportDataModeAll = "all"
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const ExportManifestFilename = "export-manifest.json"

ExportManifestFilename is the manifest filename which must be synchronized with the JS export/import tooling See packages/cosmic-swingset/src/export-kernel-db.js and packages/cosmic-swingset/src/import-kernel-db.js

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const SnapshotFormat = 1

SnapshotFormat 1 defines all extension payloads to be SwingStoreArtifact proto messages

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const UntrustedExportDataArtifactName = "UNTRUSTED-EXPORT-DATA"

UntrustedExportDataArtifactName is a special artifact name that the provider and consumer of an export can use to indicate the presence of a synthetic artifact containing untrusted "export data". This artifact must not end up in the list of artifacts imported by the JS import tooling (which would fail).

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const (
	// WalletStoragePathSegment matches the value of WALLET_STORAGE_PATH_SEGMENT
	// packages/vats/src/core/startWalletFactory.js
	WalletStoragePathSegment = "wallet"


This section is empty.


func NewMsgServerImpl

func NewMsgServerImpl(keeper Keeper) types.MsgServer

NewMsgServerImpl returns an implementation of the bank MsgServer interface for the provided Keeper.

func NewQuerier

func NewQuerier(keeper Keeper, legacyQuerierCdc *codec.LegacyAmino) sdk.Querier

NewQuerier is the module level router for state queries

func WaitUntilSwingStoreExportDone

func WaitUntilSwingStoreExportDone() error

WaitUntilSwingStoreExportDone synchronizes with the completion of an export operation in progress, if any. Only a single swing-store operation may execute at a time. Calling InitiateExport or RestoreExport will fail if a swing-store operation is already in progress. Furthermore, a component may need to know once an export it initiated has completed. Once this method call returns, the goroutine is guaranteed to have terminated, and the SwingStoreExportEventHandler provided to InitiateExport to no longer be in use.

Reports any error that may have occurred from InitiateExport. If no export operation is in progress (InitiateExport hasn't been called or already completed), or if we previously checked if an export had completed, returns immediately.

Must be called by the main goroutine

func WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted

func WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted() error

WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted synchronizes with an export operation in progress, if any. The JS swing-store export must have started before a new block is committed to ensure the content of the export is the one expected. The app must call this method before sending a commit action to the JS controller.

Waits for a just initiated export operation to have started in its goroutine. If no operation is in progress (InitiateExport hasn't been called or already completed), or if we previously checked if the operation had started, returns immediately.

Must be called by the main goroutine

func WriteSwingStoreExportToDirectory

func WriteSwingStoreExportToDirectory(provider SwingStoreExportProvider, exportDir string) error

WriteSwingStoreExportToDirectory consumes a provider and saves a swing-store export to disk in the provided directory. It creates files for each artifact deriving a filename from the artifact name, and stores any "export data" in a jsonl-like file, before saving the export manifest linking these together. The export manifest filename and overall export format is common with the JS swing-store import/export logic.


type ExtensionSnapshotter

type ExtensionSnapshotter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ExtensionSnapshotter is the cosmos state-sync extension snapshotter for the x/swingset module. It handles the SwingSet state that is not part of the Cosmos DB. Currently that state is solely composed of the SwingStore artifacts, as a copy of the SwingStore "export data" is streamed into the cosmos DB during execution. When performing a snapshot, the extension leverages the SwingStoreExportsHandler to retrieve the needed SwingStore artifacts. When restoring a snapshot, the extension combines the artifacts from the state-sync snapshot with the SwingStore "export data" from the already restored cosmos DB, to produce a full SwingStore export that can be imported to create a new JS swing-store DB.

Since swing-store is not able to open its DB at historical commit points, the export operation must start before new changes are committed, aka before Swingset is instructed to commit the next block. For that reason the cosmos snapshot operation is currently mediated by the SwingStoreExportsHandler, which helps with the synchronization needed to generate consistent exports, while allowing SwingSet activity to proceed for the next block. This relies on the application calling WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted before instructing SwingSet to commit a new block.

func NewExtensionSnapshotter

func NewExtensionSnapshotter(
	app *baseapp.BaseApp,
	swingStoreExportsHandler *SwingStoreExportsHandler,
	getSwingStoreExportDataShadowCopyReader func(height int64) agoric.KVEntryReader,
) *ExtensionSnapshotter

NewExtensionSnapshotter creates a new swingset ExtensionSnapshotter

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) InitiateSnapshot

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) InitiateSnapshot(height int64) error

InitiateSnapshot initiates a snapshot for the given block height. If a snapshot is already in progress, or if no snapshot manager is configured, this will fail.

The snapshot operation is performed in a goroutine. Use WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted to synchronize commit boundaries.

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) OnExportRetrieved

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) OnExportRetrieved(provider SwingStoreExportProvider) error

OnExportRetrieved handles the SwingStore export retrieved by the SwingStoreExportsHandler and writes it out to the SnapshotExtension's payloadWriter. This operation is invoked by the SwingStoreExportsHandler in the snapshot manager goroutine synchronized with SwingStoreExportsHandler's own goroutine.

Implements SwingStoreExportEventHandler

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) OnExportStarted

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) OnExportStarted(blockHeight uint64, retrieveExport func() error) error

OnExportStarted performs the actual cosmos state-sync app snapshot. The cosmos implementation will ultimately call SnapshotExtension, which can retrieve and process the SwingStore artifacts. This method is invoked by the SwingStoreExportsHandler in a goroutine started by InitiateExport, only if no other SwingStore export operation is already in progress.

Implements SwingStoreExportEventHandler

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) RestoreExtension

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) RestoreExtension(blockHeight uint64, format uint32, payloadReader snapshots.ExtensionPayloadReader) error

RestoreExtension restores an extension state snapshot, the payload reader returns io.EOF when it reaches the extension boundaries. Implements ExtensionSnapshotter

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotExtension

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotExtension(blockHeight uint64, payloadWriter snapshots.ExtensionPayloadWriter) error

SnapshotExtension is the method invoked by cosmos to write extension payloads into the underlying protobuf stream of the state-sync snapshot. This method is invoked by the cosmos snapshot manager in a goroutine it started during the call to OnExportStarted. However the snapshot manager fully synchronizes its goroutine with the goroutine started by the SwingStoreSnapshotter, making it safe to invoke callbacks of the SwingStoreSnapshotter. SnapshotExtension actually delegates writing extension payloads to OnExportRetrieved.

Implements ExtensionSnapshotter

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotFormat

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotFormat() uint32

SnapshotFormat returns the extension specific format used to encode the extension payloads when creating a snapshot. It's independent of the format used for the overall state-sync snapshot. Implements ExtensionSnapshotter

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotName

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) SnapshotName() string

SnapshotName returns the name of the snapshotter, it should be unique in the manager. Implements ExtensionSnapshotter

func (*ExtensionSnapshotter) SupportedFormats

func (snapshotter *ExtensionSnapshotter) SupportedFormats() []uint32

SupportedFormats returns a list of extension specific payload formats it can restore from. Implements ExtensionSnapshotter

type Keeper

type Keeper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Keeper maintains the link to data vstorage and exposes getter/setter methods for the various parts of the state machine

func NewKeeper

func NewKeeper(
	cdc codec.Codec, key storetypes.StoreKey, paramSpace paramtypes.Subspace,
	accountKeeper types.AccountKeeper, bankKeeper bankkeeper.Keeper,
	vstorageKeeper vstoragekeeper.Keeper, feeCollectorName string,
	callToController func(ctx sdk.Context, str string) (string, error),
) Keeper

NewKeeper creates a new IBC transfer Keeper instance

func (Keeper) BlockingSend

func (k Keeper) BlockingSend(ctx sdk.Context, action vm.Action) (string, error)

BlockingSend sends a message to the controller and blocks the Golang process until the response. It is orthogonal to PushAction, and should only be used by SwingSet to perform block lifecycle events (BEGIN_BLOCK, END_BLOCK, COMMIT_BLOCK).

func (Keeper) ChargeBeans

func (k Keeper) ChargeBeans(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress, beans sdkmath.Uint) error

ChargeBeans charges the given address the given number of beans. It divides the beans into the number to debit immediately vs. the number to store in the beansOwing.

func (Keeper) ChargeForProvisioning

func (k Keeper) ChargeForProvisioning(ctx sdk.Context, submitter, addr sdk.AccAddress, powerFlags []string) error

func (Keeper) ChargeForSmartWallet

func (k Keeper) ChargeForSmartWallet(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress) error

ChargeForSmartWallet charges the fee for provisioning a smart wallet.

func (Keeper) CoreEvalProposal

func (k Keeper) CoreEvalProposal(ctx sdk.Context, p *types.CoreEvalProposal) error

CoreEvalProposal tells SwingSet to evaluate the given JS code.

func (Keeper) GetBeansOwing

func (k Keeper) GetBeansOwing(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress) sdkmath.Uint

GetBeansOwing returns the number of beans that the given address owes to the FeeAccount but has not yet paid.

func (Keeper) GetBeansPerUnit

func (k Keeper) GetBeansPerUnit(ctx sdk.Context) map[string]sdkmath.Uint

GetBeansPerUnit returns a map taken from the current SwingSet parameters from a unit (key) string to an unsigned integer amount of beans.

func (Keeper) GetEgress

func (k Keeper) GetEgress(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress) types.Egress

GetEgress gets the entire egress struct for a peer

func (Keeper) GetMailbox

func (k Keeper) GetMailbox(ctx sdk.Context, peer string) string

GetMailbox gets the entire mailbox struct for a peer

func (Keeper) GetParams

func (k Keeper) GetParams(ctx sdk.Context) (params types.Params)

func (Keeper) GetSmartWalletState

func (k Keeper) GetSmartWalletState(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress) types.SmartWalletState

GetSmartWalletState returns the provision state of the smart wallet for the account address

func (Keeper) GetState

func (k Keeper) GetState(ctx sdk.Context) types.State

func (Keeper) GetStoreName

func (k Keeper) GetStoreName() string

func (Keeper) GetSwingStore

func (k Keeper) GetSwingStore(ctx sdk.Context) sdk.KVStore

func (Keeper) InboundQueueLength

func (k Keeper) InboundQueueLength(ctx sdk.Context) (int32, error)

func (Keeper) IsHighPriorityAddress

func (k Keeper) IsHighPriorityAddress(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress) (bool, error)

func (Keeper) Logger

func (k Keeper) Logger(ctx sdk.Context) log.Logger

Logger returns a module-specific logger.

func (Keeper) PathToEncodedKey

func (k Keeper) PathToEncodedKey(path string) []byte

func (Keeper) PushAction

func (k Keeper) PushAction(ctx sdk.Context, action vm.Action) error

PushAction appends an action to the controller's actionQueue.

func (Keeper) PushHighPriorityAction

func (k Keeper) PushHighPriorityAction(ctx sdk.Context, action vm.Action) error

PushAction appends an action to the controller's highPriorityQueue.

func (Keeper) SetBeansOwing

func (k Keeper) SetBeansOwing(ctx sdk.Context, addr sdk.AccAddress, beans sdkmath.Uint)

SetBeansOwing sets the number of beans that the given address owes to the feeCollector but has not yet paid.

func (Keeper) SetEgress

func (k Keeper) SetEgress(ctx sdk.Context, egress *types.Egress) error

SetEgress sets the egress struct for a peer, and ensures its account exists

func (Keeper) SetMailbox

func (k Keeper) SetMailbox(ctx sdk.Context, peer string, mailbox string)

SetMailbox sets the entire mailbox struct for a peer

func (Keeper) SetParams

func (k Keeper) SetParams(ctx sdk.Context, params types.Params)

func (Keeper) SetState

func (k Keeper) SetState(ctx sdk.Context, state types.State)

func (Keeper) UpdateQueueAllowed

func (k Keeper) UpdateQueueAllowed(ctx sdk.Context) error

type Migrator

type Migrator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Migrator handles in-place store migrations.

func NewMigrator

func NewMigrator(keeper Keeper) Migrator

NewMigrator returns a new migrator based on the keeper.

func (Migrator) Migrate1to2

func (m Migrator) Migrate1to2(ctx sdk.Context) error

Migrate1to2 migrates from version 1 to 2.

func (Migrator) MigrateParams

func (m Migrator) MigrateParams(ctx sdk.Context) error

MigrateParams migrates params by setting new params to their default value

type Querier

type Querier struct {

Querier is used as Keeper will have duplicate methods if used directly, and gRPC names take precedence over keeper

func (Querier) Egress

func (Querier) Mailbox

func (Querier) Params

type SwingStoreExportEventHandler

type SwingStoreExportEventHandler interface {
	// OnExportStarted is called by InitiateExport in a goroutine after the
	// swing-store export has successfully started.
	// This is where the component performing the export must initiate its own
	// off main goroutine work, which results in retrieving and processing the
	// swing-store export.
	// Must call the retrieveExport function before returning, which will in turn
	// synchronously invoke OnExportRetrieved once the swing-store export is ready.
	OnExportStarted(blockHeight uint64, retrieveExport func() error) error
	// OnExportRetrieved is called when the swing-store export has been retrieved,
	// during the retrieveExport invocation.
	// The provider is not a return value to retrieveExport in order to
	// report errors in components that are unable to propagate errors back to the
	// OnExportStarted result, like cosmos state-sync ExtensionSnapshotter.
	// The implementation must synchronously consume the provider, which becomes
	// invalid after the method returns.
	OnExportRetrieved(provider SwingStoreExportProvider) error

SwingStoreExportEventHandler is used to handle events that occur while generating a swing-store export. It is provided to SwingStoreExportsHandler.InitiateExport.

type SwingStoreExportOptions

type SwingStoreExportOptions struct {
	// ArtifactMode controls the set of artifacts that should be included in the
	// swing-store export. Any SwingStoreArtifactMode* const value can be used
	// (None, Operational, Replay, Archival, Debug).
	// See packages/cosmic-swingset/src/export-kernel-db.js initiateSwingStoreExport
	ArtifactMode string `json:"artifactMode,omitempty"`
	// ExportDataMode selects whether to include "export data" in the swing-store
	// export or not. Use the value SwingStoreExportDataModeSkip or
	// SwingStoreExportDataModeAll. If "skip", the reader returned by
	// SwingStoreExportProvider's GetExportDataReader will be nil.
	ExportDataMode string `json:"exportDataMode,omitempty"`

SwingStoreExportOptions are configurable options provided to the JS swing-store export

type SwingStoreExportProvider

type SwingStoreExportProvider struct {
	// BlockHeight is the block height of the SwingStore export.
	BlockHeight uint64
	// GetExportDataReader returns a KVEntryReader for the "export data" of the
	// SwingStore export, or nil if the "export data" is not part of this export.
	GetExportDataReader func() (agoric.KVEntryReader, error)
	// ReadNextArtifact is a function to return the next unread artifact in the SwingStore export.
	// It errors with io.EOF upon reaching the end of the list of available artifacts.
	ReadNextArtifact func() (types.SwingStoreArtifact, error)

SwingStoreExportProvider gives access to a SwingStore "export data" and the related artifacts. A JS swing-store export is composed of optional "export data" (a set of key/value pairs), and opaque artifacts (a name and data as bytes) that complement the "export data". The abstraction is similar to the JS side swing-store export abstraction, but without the ability to list artifacts or random access them.

A swing-store export for creating a state-sync snapshot will not contain any "export data" since this information is reflected every block into the verified cosmos DB. On state-sync snapshot restore, the swingset ExtensionSnapshotter will synthesize a provider for this module with "export data" sourced from the restored cosmos DB, and artifacts from the extension's payloads. When importing, the JS swing-store will verify that the artifacts match hashes contained in the trusted "export data".

func OpenSwingStoreExportDirectory

func OpenSwingStoreExportDirectory(exportDir string) (SwingStoreExportProvider, error)

OpenSwingStoreExportDirectory creates an export provider from a swing-store export saved on disk in the provided directory. It expects the export manifest to be present in that directory. The provider's function will read the export's data and artifacts from disk on demand. Each artifact is using a dedicated file, and the export data is read from a jsonl-like file, if any. The export manifest filename and overall export format is common with the JS swing-store import/export logic.

type SwingStoreExportsHandler

type SwingStoreExportsHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SwingStoreExportsHandler exclusively manages the communication with the JS side related to swing-store exports, ensuring insensitivity to sub-block timing, and enforcing concurrency requirements. The caller of this submodule must arrange block level commit synchronization, to ensure the results are deterministic.

Some blockingSend calls performed by this submodule are non-deterministic. This submodule will send messages to JS from goroutines at unpredictable times, but this is safe because when handling the messages, the JS side does not perform operations affecting consensus and ignores state changes since committing the previous block. Some other blockingSend calls however do change the JS swing-store and must happen before the Swingset controller on the JS side was inited, in which case the mustNotBeInited parameter will be set to true.

func NewSwingStoreExportsHandler

func NewSwingStoreExportsHandler(logger log.Logger, blockingSend func(action vm.Jsonable, mustNotBeInited bool) (string, error)) *SwingStoreExportsHandler

NewSwingStoreExportsHandler creates a SwingStoreExportsHandler

func (SwingStoreExportsHandler) InitiateExport

func (exportsHandler SwingStoreExportsHandler) InitiateExport(blockHeight uint64, eventHandler SwingStoreExportEventHandler, exportOptions SwingStoreExportOptions) error

InitiateExport synchronously verifies that there is not already an export or import operation in progress and initiates a new export in a goroutine, via a dedicated SWING_STORE_EXPORT blockingSend action independent of other block related blockingSends, calling the given eventHandler when a related blockingSend completes. If the eventHandler doesn't retrieve the export, then it sends another blockingSend action to discard it.

eventHandler is invoked solely from the spawned goroutine. The "started" and "done" events can be used for synchronization with an active operation taking place in the goroutine, by calling respectively the WaitUntilSwingStoreExportStarted and WaitUntilSwingStoreExportDone methods from the goroutine that initiated the export.

Must be called by the main goroutine

func (SwingStoreExportsHandler) RestoreExport

func (exportsHandler SwingStoreExportsHandler) RestoreExport(provider SwingStoreExportProvider, restoreOptions SwingStoreRestoreOptions) error

RestoreExport restores the JS swing-store using previously exported data and artifacts.

Must be called by the main goroutine

type SwingStoreRestoreOptions

type SwingStoreRestoreOptions struct {
	// ArtifactMode controls the set of artifacts that should be restored in
	// swing-store. Any SwingStoreArtifactMode* const value can be used
	// (None, Operational, Replay, Archival, Debug).
	// See packages/cosmic-swingset/src/import-kernel-db.js performStateSyncImport
	ArtifactMode string `json:"artifactMode,omitempty"`
	// ExportDataMode selects the purpose of the restore, to recreate a
	// swing-store (SwingStoreExportDataModeAll), or just to import missing
	// metadata (SwingStoreExportDataModeRepairMetadata).
	// If RepairMetadata, ArtifactMode should be SwingStoreArtifactModeNone.
	// If All, ArtifactMode must be at least SwingStoreArtifactModeOperational.
	ExportDataMode string `json:"exportDataMode,omitempty"`

SwingStoreRestoreOptions are configurable options provided to the JS swing-store import

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