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var SuccessResponsed = SuccessResponse{Result: "pong"}

SuccessResponsed Assinging Variable Responses that do not need to be changed.


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type AccountResponse

type AccountResponse struct {
	Account *staking_api.Account `json:"result"`

AccountResponse responds with an account

type AddressResponse

type AddressResponse struct {
	Address staking_api.Address `json:"result"`

AddressResponse responds with a staking address

type AllAddressesResponse

type AllAddressesResponse struct {
	AllAddresses []staking_api.Address `json:"result"`

AllAddressesResponse responds with list of Accounts

type BlockHeaderResponse

type BlockHeaderResponse struct {
	BlkHeader *mint_types.Header `json:"result"`

BlockHeaderResponse responds with Tendermint Header Type

type BlockLastCommitResponse

type BlockLastCommitResponse struct {
	BlkLastCommit *mint_types.Commit `json:"result"`

BlockLastCommitResponse responds with Tendermint Last Commit Type

type BlockResponse

type BlockResponse struct {
	Blk *consensus_api.Block `json:"result"`

BlockResponse responds with custom Block response with an unmarshalled message

type CPUResponse

type CPUResponse struct {
	CPU *cpu.Stats `json:"result"`

CPUResponse responds with CPU statistics of system

type CommitteesResponse

type CommitteesResponse struct {
	Committee []*scheduler_api.Committee `json:"result"`

CommitteesResponse responds with Committees

type ConnectionsResponse

type ConnectionsResponse struct {
	Results []string `json:"result"`

ConnectionsResponse responds with all connections configured

type ConsensusGenesisResponse

type ConsensusGenesisResponse struct {
	GenJSON *gen_api.Document `json:"result"`

ConsensusGenesisResponse with consensus Genesis Document

type ConsensusParametersResponse

type ConsensusParametersResponse struct {
	ConsensusParameters *staking_api.ConsensusParameters `json:"result"`

ConsensusParametersResponse responds with the staking consensus parameters

type DebondingDelegationsResponse

type DebondingDelegationsResponse struct {
	DebondingDelegations map[staking_api.Address][]*staking_api.DebondingDelegation `json:"result"`

DebondingDelegationsResponse responds with debonding delegations for specified public key

type DelegationsResponse

type DelegationsResponse struct {
	Delegations map[staking_api.Address]*staking_api.Delegation `json:"result"`

DelegationsResponse responds with delegations for public key

type DiskResponse

type DiskResponse struct {
	Disk []disk.Stats `json:"result"`

DiskResponse responds with memory statistics of system

type EntitiesResponse

type EntitiesResponse struct {
	Entities []*common_entity.Entity `json:"result"`

EntitiesResponse responding with Multiple entities

type EpochResponse

type EpochResponse struct {
	Ep beacon_api.EpochTime `json:"result"`

EpochResponse responds with epcoh time

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse struct {
	Error string `json:"error"`

ErrorResponse responds with an error message that will be set

type GenesisDocumentResponse

type GenesisDocumentResponse struct {
	GenesisDocument *document_api.Document `json:"result"`

GenesisDocumentResponse reponds with the original genesis document.

type IsSyncedResponse

type IsSyncedResponse struct {
	Synced bool `json:"result"`

IsSyncedResponse responds with boolean signifying synchronisation state of node

type MemoryResponse

type MemoryResponse struct {
	Memory *memory.Stats `json:"result"`

MemoryResponse responds with memory statistics of system

type NetworkResponse

type NetworkResponse struct {
	Network []network.Stats `json:"result"`

NetworkResponse responds with network statistics of system

type NodeStatusResponse

type NodeStatusResponse struct {
	NodeStatus *registry_api.NodeStatus `json:"result"`

NodeStatusResponse responds with a node's status.

type NodelistResponse

type NodelistResponse struct {
	NodeList *registry_api.NodeList `json:"result"`

NodelistResponse responds with NodeList

type NodesResponse

type NodesResponse struct {
	Nodes []*common_node.Node `json:"result"`

NodesResponse responding with Multiple Nodes

type QuantityResponse

type QuantityResponse struct {
	Quantity *common_quantity.Quantity `json:"result"`

QuantityResponse responds with quantity

type RegistryEntityResponse

type RegistryEntityResponse struct {
	Entity *common_entity.Entity `json:"result"`

RegistryEntityResponse responds with details of single Entity

type RegistryEventsResponse

type RegistryEventsResponse struct {
	Events []*registry_api.Event `json:"results"`

RegistryEventsResponse responds with events at specified block height.

type RegistryGenesisResponse

type RegistryGenesisResponse struct {
	GenesisRegistry *registry_api.Genesis `json:"result"`

RegistryGenesisResponse responds with genesis state of registry

type RegistryNodeResponse

type RegistryNodeResponse struct {
	Node *common_node.Node `json:"result"`

RegistryNodeResponse responds with details of single Node

type RuntimeResponse

type RuntimeResponse struct {
	Runtime *registry_api.Runtime `json:"result"`

RuntimeResponse responds with single Runtime

type RuntimesResponse

type RuntimesResponse struct {
	Runtimes []*registry_api.Runtime `json:"result"`

RuntimesResponse responds with Multiple runtimes

type SchedulerGenesisState

type SchedulerGenesisState struct {
	SchedulerGenesisState *scheduler_api.Genesis `json:"result"`

SchedulerGenesisState responds with scheduler genesis state

type SentryResponse

type SentryResponse struct {
	SentryAddresses *sentry_api.SentryAddresses `json:"result"`

SentryResponse responds with network statistics of system

type StakingEvents

type StakingEvents struct {
	StakingEvents []*staking_api.Event `json:"result"`

StakingEvents responds with a list of events

type StakingGenesisResponse

type StakingGenesisResponse struct {
	GenesisStaking *staking_api.Genesis `json:"result"`

StakingGenesisResponse responds with Staking Genesis File

type StatusResponse

type StatusResponse struct {
	Status *consensus_api.Status `json:"result"`

StatusResponse responds with the current status overview

type SuccessResponse

type SuccessResponse struct {
	Result string `json:"result"`

SuccessResponse with succeful result

type TendermintAddress

type TendermintAddress struct {
	TendermintAddress *tmed.Address `json:"result"`

TendermintAddress responds with a tendermint public key address

type TransactionsResponse

type TransactionsResponse struct {
	Transactions [][]byte `json:"result"`

TransactionsResponse responds with all transactions in block

type ValidatorsResponse

type ValidatorsResponse struct {
	Validators []*scheduler_api.Validator `json:"result"`

ValidatorsResponse responds with Validators and their voting power

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