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type NopClient

type NopClient struct {

NopClient is a nop API Client based on engine-api

func NewNopClient

func NewNopClient() *NopClient

NewNopClient creates a new nop client

func (*NopClient) CheckpointCreate

func (client *NopClient) CheckpointCreate(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.CheckpointCreateOptions) error

CheckpointCreate creates a checkpoint from the given container with the given name

func (*NopClient) CheckpointDelete

func (client *NopClient) CheckpointDelete(ctx context.Context, container string, checkpointID string) error

CheckpointDelete deletes the checkpoint with the given name from the given container

func (*NopClient) CheckpointList

func (client *NopClient) CheckpointList(ctx context.Context, container string) ([]types.Checkpoint, error)

CheckpointList returns the volumes configured in the docker host.

func (*NopClient) ClientVersion

func (client *NopClient) ClientVersion() string

ClientVersion returns the version string associated with this instance of the Client

func (*NopClient) ContainerAttach

func (client *NopClient) ContainerAttach(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ContainerAttachOptions) (types.HijackedResponse, error)

ContainerAttach attaches a connection to a container in the server

func (*NopClient) ContainerCommit

func (client *NopClient) ContainerCommit(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ContainerCommitOptions) (types.ContainerCommitResponse, error)

ContainerCommit applies changes into a container and creates a new tagged image

func (*NopClient) ContainerCreate

func (client *NopClient) ContainerCreate(ctx context.Context, config *container.Config, hostConfig *container.HostConfig, networkingConfig *network.NetworkingConfig, containerName string) (types.ContainerCreateResponse, error)

ContainerCreate creates a new container based in the given configuration

func (*NopClient) ContainerDiff

func (client *NopClient) ContainerDiff(ctx context.Context, container string) ([]types.ContainerChange, error)

ContainerDiff shows differences in a container filesystem since it was started

func (*NopClient) ContainerExecAttach

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExecAttach(ctx context.Context, execID string, config types.ExecConfig) (types.HijackedResponse, error)

ContainerExecAttach attaches a connection to an exec process in the server

func (*NopClient) ContainerExecCreate

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExecCreate(ctx context.Context, container string, config types.ExecConfig) (types.ContainerExecCreateResponse, error)

ContainerExecCreate creates a new exec configuration to run an exec process

func (*NopClient) ContainerExecInspect

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExecInspect(ctx context.Context, execID string) (types.ContainerExecInspect, error)

ContainerExecInspect returns information about a specific exec process on the docker host

func (*NopClient) ContainerExecResize

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExecResize(ctx context.Context, execID string, options types.ResizeOptions) error

ContainerExecResize changes the size of the tty for an exec process running inside a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerExecStart

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExecStart(ctx context.Context, execID string, config types.ExecStartCheck) error

ContainerExecStart starts an exec process already create in the docker host

func (*NopClient) ContainerExport

func (client *NopClient) ContainerExport(ctx context.Context, container string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ContainerExport retrieves the raw contents of a container and returns them as an io.ReadCloser

func (*NopClient) ContainerInspect

func (client *NopClient) ContainerInspect(ctx context.Context, container string) (types.ContainerJSON, error)

ContainerInspect returns the container information

func (*NopClient) ContainerInspectWithRaw

func (client *NopClient) ContainerInspectWithRaw(ctx context.Context, container string, getSize bool) (types.ContainerJSON, []byte, error)

ContainerInspectWithRaw returns the container information and its raw representation

func (*NopClient) ContainerKill

func (client *NopClient) ContainerKill(ctx context.Context, container string, signal string) error

ContainerKill terminates the container process but does not remove the container from the docker host

func (*NopClient) ContainerList

func (client *NopClient) ContainerList(ctx context.Context, options types.ContainerListOptions) ([]types.Container, error)

ContainerList returns the list of containers in the docker host

func (*NopClient) ContainerLogs

func (client *NopClient) ContainerLogs(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ContainerLogsOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ContainerLogs returns the logs generated by a container in an io.ReadCloser

func (*NopClient) ContainerPause

func (client *NopClient) ContainerPause(ctx context.Context, container string) error

ContainerPause pauses the main process of a given container without terminating it

func (*NopClient) ContainerRemove

func (client *NopClient) ContainerRemove(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ContainerRemoveOptions) error

ContainerRemove kills and removes a container from the docker host

func (*NopClient) ContainerRename

func (client *NopClient) ContainerRename(ctx context.Context, container, newContainerName string) error

ContainerRename changes the name of a given container

func (*NopClient) ContainerResize

func (client *NopClient) ContainerResize(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ResizeOptions) error

ContainerResize changes the size of the tty for a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerRestart

func (client *NopClient) ContainerRestart(ctx context.Context, container string, timeout *time.Duration) error

ContainerRestart stops and starts a container again

func (*NopClient) ContainerStart

func (client *NopClient) ContainerStart(ctx context.Context, container string, options types.ContainerStartOptions) error

ContainerStart sends a request to the docker daemon to start a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerStatPath

func (client *NopClient) ContainerStatPath(ctx context.Context, container, path string) (types.ContainerPathStat, error)

ContainerStatPath returns Stat information about a path inside the container filesystem

func (*NopClient) ContainerStats

func (client *NopClient) ContainerStats(ctx context.Context, container string, stream bool) (types.ContainerStats, error)

ContainerStats returns near realtime stats for a given container

func (*NopClient) ContainerStop

func (client *NopClient) ContainerStop(ctx context.Context, container string, timeout *time.Duration) error

ContainerStop stops a container without terminating the process

func (*NopClient) ContainerTop

func (client *NopClient) ContainerTop(ctx context.Context, container string, arguments []string) (types.ContainerProcessList, error)

ContainerTop shows process information from within a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerUnpause

func (client *NopClient) ContainerUnpause(ctx context.Context, container string) error

ContainerUnpause resumes the process execution within a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerUpdate

func (client *NopClient) ContainerUpdate(ctx context.Context, container string, updateConfig container.UpdateConfig) (types.ContainerUpdateResponse, error)

ContainerUpdate updates resources of a container

func (*NopClient) ContainerWait

func (client *NopClient) ContainerWait(ctx context.Context, container string) (int, error)

ContainerWait pauses execution until a container exits

func (*NopClient) ContainersPrune added in v0.4.0

ContainersPrune requests the daemon to delete unused data

func (*NopClient) CopyFromContainer

func (client *NopClient) CopyFromContainer(ctx context.Context, container, srcPath string) (io.ReadCloser, types.ContainerPathStat, error)

CopyFromContainer gets the content from the container and returns it as a Reader to manipulate it in the host

func (*NopClient) CopyToContainer

func (client *NopClient) CopyToContainer(ctx context.Context, container, path string, content io.Reader, options types.CopyToContainerOptions) error

CopyToContainer copies content into the container filesystem

func (*NopClient) DiskUsage added in v0.4.0

func (client *NopClient) DiskUsage(ctx context.Context) (types.DiskUsage, error)

DiskUsage requests the current data usage from the daemon

func (*NopClient) Events

func (client *NopClient) Events(ctx context.Context, options types.EventsOptions) (<-chan events.Message, <-chan error)

Events returns a stream of events in the daemon in a ReadCloser

func (*NopClient) ImageBuild

func (client *NopClient) ImageBuild(ctx context.Context, context io.Reader, options types.ImageBuildOptions) (types.ImageBuildResponse, error)

ImageBuild sends request to the daemon to build images

func (*NopClient) ImageCreate

func (client *NopClient) ImageCreate(ctx context.Context, parentReference string, options types.ImageCreateOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ImageCreate creates a new image based in the parent options

func (*NopClient) ImageHistory

func (client *NopClient) ImageHistory(ctx context.Context, image string) ([]types.ImageHistory, error)

ImageHistory returns the changes in an image in history format

func (*NopClient) ImageImport

func (client *NopClient) ImageImport(ctx context.Context, source types.ImageImportSource, ref string, options types.ImageImportOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ImageImport creates a new image based in the source options

func (*NopClient) ImageInspectWithRaw

func (client *NopClient) ImageInspectWithRaw(ctx context.Context, image string) (types.ImageInspect, []byte, error)

ImageInspectWithRaw returns the image information and it's raw representation

func (*NopClient) ImageList

func (client *NopClient) ImageList(ctx context.Context, options types.ImageListOptions) ([]types.Image, error)

ImageList returns a list of images in the docker host

func (*NopClient) ImageLoad

func (client *NopClient) ImageLoad(ctx context.Context, input io.Reader, quiet bool) (types.ImageLoadResponse, error)

ImageLoad loads an image in the docker host from the client host

func (*NopClient) ImagePull

func (client *NopClient) ImagePull(ctx context.Context, ref string, options types.ImagePullOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ImagePull requests the docker host to pull an image from a remote registry

func (*NopClient) ImagePush

func (client *NopClient) ImagePush(ctx context.Context, ref string, options types.ImagePushOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ImagePush requests the docker host to push an image to a remote registry

func (*NopClient) ImageRemove

func (client *NopClient) ImageRemove(ctx context.Context, image string, options types.ImageRemoveOptions) ([]types.ImageDelete, error)

ImageRemove removes an image from the docker host

func (*NopClient) ImageSave

func (client *NopClient) ImageSave(ctx context.Context, images []string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

ImageSave retrieves one or more images from the docker host as an io.ReadCloser

func (*NopClient) ImageSearch

func (client *NopClient) ImageSearch(ctx context.Context, term string, options types.ImageSearchOptions) ([]registry.SearchResult, error)

ImageSearch makes the docker host to search by a term in a remote registry

func (*NopClient) ImageTag

func (client *NopClient) ImageTag(ctx context.Context, image, ref string) error

ImageTag tags an image in the docker host

func (*NopClient) ImagesPrune added in v0.4.0

func (client *NopClient) ImagesPrune(ctx context.Context, cfg types.ImagesPruneConfig) (types.ImagesPruneReport, error)

ImagesPrune requests the daemon to delete unused data

func (*NopClient) Info

func (client *NopClient) Info(ctx context.Context) (types.Info, error)

Info returns information about the docker server

func (*NopClient) NetworkConnect

func (client *NopClient) NetworkConnect(ctx context.Context, networkID, container string, config *network.EndpointSettings) error

NetworkConnect connects a container to an existent network in the docker host

func (*NopClient) NetworkCreate

func (client *NopClient) NetworkCreate(ctx context.Context, name string, options types.NetworkCreate) (types.NetworkCreateResponse, error)

NetworkCreate creates a new network in the docker host

func (*NopClient) NetworkDisconnect

func (client *NopClient) NetworkDisconnect(ctx context.Context, networkID, container string, force bool) error

NetworkDisconnect disconnects a container from an existent network in the docker host

func (*NopClient) NetworkInspect

func (client *NopClient) NetworkInspect(ctx context.Context, networkID string) (types.NetworkResource, error)

NetworkInspect returns the information for a specific network configured in the docker host

func (*NopClient) NetworkInspectWithRaw

func (client *NopClient) NetworkInspectWithRaw(ctx context.Context, networkID string) (types.NetworkResource, []byte, error)

NetworkInspectWithRaw returns the information for a specific network configured in the docker host and it's raw representation.

func (*NopClient) NetworkList

func (client *NopClient) NetworkList(ctx context.Context, options types.NetworkListOptions) ([]types.NetworkResource, error)

NetworkList returns the list of networks configured in the docker host

func (*NopClient) NetworkRemove

func (client *NopClient) NetworkRemove(ctx context.Context, networkID string) error

NetworkRemove removes an existent network from the docker host

func (*NopClient) RegistryLogin

func (client *NopClient) RegistryLogin(ctx context.Context, auth types.AuthConfig) (types.AuthResponse, error)

RegistryLogin authenticates the docker server with a given docker registry

func (*NopClient) ServerVersion

func (client *NopClient) ServerVersion(ctx context.Context) (types.Version, error)

ServerVersion returns information of the docker client and server host

func (*NopClient) UpdateClientVersion

func (client *NopClient) UpdateClientVersion(v string)

UpdateClientVersion updates the version string associated with this instance of the Client

func (*NopClient) VolumeCreate

func (client *NopClient) VolumeCreate(ctx context.Context, options types.VolumeCreateRequest) (types.Volume, error)

VolumeCreate creates a volume in the docker host

func (*NopClient) VolumeInspect

func (client *NopClient) VolumeInspect(ctx context.Context, volumeID string) (types.Volume, error)

VolumeInspect returns the information about a specific volume in the docker host

func (*NopClient) VolumeInspectWithRaw

func (client *NopClient) VolumeInspectWithRaw(ctx context.Context, volumeID string) (types.Volume, []byte, error)

VolumeInspectWithRaw returns the information about a specific volume in the docker host and it's raw representation

func (*NopClient) VolumeList

func (client *NopClient) VolumeList(ctx context.Context, filter filters.Args) (types.VolumesListResponse, error)

VolumeList returns the volumes configured in the docker host

func (*NopClient) VolumeRemove

func (client *NopClient) VolumeRemove(ctx context.Context, volumeID string, force bool) error

VolumeRemove removes a volume from the docker host

func (*NopClient) VolumesPrune added in v0.4.0

func (client *NopClient) VolumesPrune(ctx context.Context, cfg types.VolumesPruneConfig) (types.VolumesPruneReport, error)

VolumesPrune requests the daemon to delete unused data

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