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var Rnd = rand.New(rand.NewSource(time.Now().UnixNano()))

Rnd is used only for testing.


func BailOut added in v0.58.0

func BailOut(after time.Duration)

BailOut panics with a stack trace after the given duration. Useful for hanging tests.

func CreateTempDir added in v0.56.0

func CreateTempDir(fs afero.Fs, prefix string) (string, func(), error)

CreateTempDir creates a temp dir in the given filesystem and returns the dirnam and a func that removes it when done.

func DiffStringSlices added in v0.65.0

func DiffStringSlices(slice1 []string, slice2 []string) []string

DiffStringSlices returns the difference between two string slices. Useful in tests. See:

func DiffStrings added in v0.65.0

func DiffStrings(s1, s2 string) []string

DiffStrings splits the strings into fields and runs it into DiffStringSlices. Useful for tests.

func GoMinorVersion added in v0.88.0

func GoMinorVersion() int

GoMinorVersion returns the minor version of the current Go version, e.g. 16 for Go 1.16.

func IsCI added in v0.80.0

func IsCI() bool

IsCI reports whether we're running in a CI server.

func IsGitHubAction added in v0.80.0

func IsGitHubAction() bool

IsGitHubAction reports whether we're running in a GitHub Action.

func NewTestdataBuilder

func NewTestdataBuilder(fs afero.Fs, workingDir string, t testing.TB) *testdataBuilder

func RandBool added in v0.76.4

func RandBool() bool

func SupportsAll added in v0.80.0

func SupportsAll() bool

SupportsAll reports whether the running system supports all Hugo features, e.g. Asciidoc, Pandoc etc.


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