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type PrivateRegistarAPI

type PrivateRegistarAPI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PrivateRegistarAPI offers various functions to access the Ethereum registry.

func NewPrivateRegistarAPI

func NewPrivateRegistarAPI(bc *core.BlockChain, chainDb ethdb.Database, txPool *core.TxPool, am *accounts.Manager) *PrivateRegistarAPI

NewPrivateRegistarAPI creates a new PrivateRegistarAPI instance.

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) Register

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) Register(sender common.Address, addr common.Address, contentHashHex string) (bool, error)

Register registers a new content hash in the registry.

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) RegisterUrl

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) RegisterUrl(sender common.Address, contentHashHex string, url string) (bool, error)

RegisterUrl registers a new url in the registry.

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) SaveInfo

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) SaveInfo(info *compiler.ContractInfo, filename string) (contenthash common.Hash, err error)

SaveInfo stores contract information on the local file system.

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) SetGlobalRegistrar

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) SetGlobalRegistrar(namereg string, from common.Address) (string, error)

SetGlobalRegistrar allows clients to set the global registry for the node. This method can be used to deploy a new registry. First zero out the current address by calling the method with namereg = '0x0' and then call this method again with ” as namereg. This will submit a transaction to the network which will deploy a new registry on execution. The TX hash is returned. When called with namereg ” and the current address is not zero the current global is address is returned..

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) SetHashReg

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) SetHashReg(hashreg string, from common.Address) (string, error)

SetHashReg queries the registry for a hash.

func (*PrivateRegistarAPI) SetUrlHint

func (api *PrivateRegistarAPI) SetUrlHint(hashreg string, from common.Address) (string, error)

SetUrlHint queries the registry for an url.

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