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var (
	ErrNotFound = &RichError{
		Status: http.StatusNotFound,
		error:  errors.New("Not found"),
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var HMACStrategy = &oauth2.HMACSHAStrategy{
	Enigma: &hmac.HMACStrategy{
		GlobalSecret: []byte("1234567890123456789012345678901234567890"),
	AccessTokenLifespan:   time.Hour,
	AuthorizeCodeLifespan: time.Hour,


func AssertError

func AssertError(t *testing.T, expectError bool, err error, args ...interface{})

func CopyURL

func CopyURL(u *url.URL) *url.URL

func FositeStore

func FositeStore() *storage.MemoryStore

func GenerateSecret

func GenerateSecret(length int) ([]byte, error)

func JoinURL

func JoinURL(u *url.URL, args ...string) (ep *url.URL)

func JoinURLStrings

func JoinURLStrings(host string, parts ...string) string

func LadonWarden

func LadonWarden(ps map[string]ladon.Policy) ladon.Warden

func LogError

func LogError(err error, logger log.FieldLogger)

func Must

func Must(err error, message string, args ...interface{})

func MustArgs

func MustArgs(expected, actual int)

func MustRSAKey

func MustRSAKey() *rsa.PrivateKey

func RequireError

func RequireError(t *testing.T, expectError bool, err error, args ...interface{})

func Retry

func Retry(logger logrus.FieldLogger, maxWait time.Duration, failAfter time.Duration, f func() error) (err error)

func SplitNonEmpty added in v0.8.7

func SplitNonEmpty(s, sep string) []string

SplitNonEmpty is a special case of strings.Split which returns an empty slice if string is empty

func Tokens

func Tokens(length int) (res [][]string)


type FositeStorer

type FositeStorer interface {

	RevokeRefreshToken(ctx context.Context, requestID string) error

	// RevokeAccessToken revokes an access token as specified in:
	// If the token passed to the request
	// is an access token, the server MAY revoke the respective refresh
	// token as well.
	RevokeAccessToken(ctx context.Context, requestID string) error

type RichError added in v0.8.6

type RichError struct {
	Status int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RichError) StatusCode added in v0.8.6

func (e *RichError) StatusCode() int

type SuperAgent

type SuperAgent struct {
	Client             *http.Client
	URL                string
	Dry                bool
	FakeTLSTermination bool

func NewSuperAgent

func NewSuperAgent(rawurl string) *SuperAgent

func (*SuperAgent) Create

func (s *SuperAgent) Create(o interface{}) error

func (*SuperAgent) Delete

func (s *SuperAgent) Delete() error

func (*SuperAgent) DoDry added in v0.7.0

func (s *SuperAgent) DoDry(req *http.Request) error

func (*SuperAgent) Get

func (s *SuperAgent) Get(o interface{}) error

func (*SuperAgent) POST

func (s *SuperAgent) POST(in, out interface{}) error

func (*SuperAgent) Update

func (s *SuperAgent) Update(o interface{}) error


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