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func NewService

func NewService(log logging.Logger, chainManager chains.Manager, httpServer *server.Server, profileDir string) (*common.HTTPHandler, error)

NewService returns a new admin API service


type Admin

type Admin struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Admin is the API service for node admin management

func (*Admin) Alias

func (service *Admin) Alias(_ *http.Request, args *AliasArgs, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

Alias attempts to alias an HTTP endpoint to a new name

func (*Admin) AliasChain

func (service *Admin) AliasChain(_ *http.Request, args *AliasChainArgs, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

AliasChain attempts to alias a chain to a new name

func (*Admin) GetChainAliases

func (service *Admin) GetChainAliases(r *http.Request, args *GetChainAliasesArgs, reply *GetChainAliasesReply) error

GetChainAliases returns the aliases of the chain

func (*Admin) LockProfile

func (service *Admin) LockProfile(_ *http.Request, _ *struct{}, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

LockProfile runs a mutex profile writing to the specified file

func (*Admin) MemoryProfile

func (service *Admin) MemoryProfile(_ *http.Request, _ *struct{}, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

MemoryProfile runs a memory profile writing to the specified file

func (*Admin) Stacktrace

func (service *Admin) Stacktrace(_ *http.Request, _ *struct{}, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

Stacktrace returns the current global stacktrace

func (*Admin) StartCPUProfiler

func (service *Admin) StartCPUProfiler(_ *http.Request, _ *struct{}, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

StartCPUProfiler starts a cpu profile writing to the specified file

func (*Admin) StopCPUProfiler

func (service *Admin) StopCPUProfiler(_ *http.Request, _ *struct{}, reply *api.SuccessResponse) error

StopCPUProfiler stops the cpu profile

type AliasArgs

type AliasArgs struct {
	Endpoint string `json:"endpoint"`
	Alias    string `json:"alias"`

AliasArgs are the arguments for calling Alias

type AliasChainArgs

type AliasChainArgs struct {
	Chain string `json:"chain"`
	Alias string `json:"alias"`

AliasChainArgs are the arguments for calling AliasChain

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client for the Avalanche Platform Info API Endpoint

func NewClient

func NewClient(uri string, requestTimeout time.Duration) *Client

NewClient returns a new Info API Client

func (*Client) Alias

func (c *Client) Alias(endpoint, alias string) (bool, error)

Alias ...

func (*Client) AliasChain

func (c *Client) AliasChain(chain, alias string) (bool, error)

AliasChain ...

func (*Client) GetChainAliases

func (c *Client) GetChainAliases(chain string) ([]string, error)

GetChainAliases ...

func (*Client) LockProfile

func (c *Client) LockProfile() (bool, error)

LockProfile ...

func (*Client) MemoryProfile

func (c *Client) MemoryProfile() (bool, error)

MemoryProfile ...

func (*Client) Stacktrace

func (c *Client) Stacktrace() (bool, error)

Stacktrace ...

func (*Client) StartCPUProfiler

func (c *Client) StartCPUProfiler() (bool, error)

StartCPUProfiler ...

func (*Client) StopCPUProfiler

func (c *Client) StopCPUProfiler() (bool, error)

StopCPUProfiler ...

type GetChainAliasesArgs

type GetChainAliasesArgs struct {
	Chain string `json:"chain"`

GetChainAliasesArgs are the arguments for calling GetChainAliases

type GetChainAliasesReply

type GetChainAliasesReply struct {
	Aliases []string `json:"aliases"`

GetChainAliasesReply are the aliases of the given chain

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