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type IntegrationHandler

type IntegrationHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

IntegrationHandler manages all endpoints related to integrated applications, such as state.

func NewIntegrationHandler

func NewIntegrationHandler(manager IntegrationManager) IntegrationHandler

NewIntegrationHandler creates IntegrationHandler.

func (IntegrationHandler) Install

func (self IntegrationHandler) Install(ws *restful.WebService)

Install creates new endpoints for integrations. All information that any integration would want to expose by creating new endpoints should be kept here, i.e. helm integration might want to create endpoint to list available releases/charts.

By default endpoint for checking state of the integrations is installed. It allows user to check state of integration by accessing `<DASHBOARD_URL>/api/v1/integration/{name}/state`.

type IntegrationManager

type IntegrationManager interface {
	// IntegrationsGetter is responsible for listing all supported integrations.
	// GetState returns state of integration based on its' id.
	GetState(id api.IntegrationID) (*api.IntegrationState, error)
	// Metric returns metric manager that is responsible for management of metric integrations.
	Metric() metric.MetricManager

IntegrationManager is responsible for management of all integrated applications.

func NewIntegrationManager

func NewIntegrationManager(manager clientapi.ClientManager) IntegrationManager

NewIntegrationManager creates integration manager.

type IntegrationsGetter

type IntegrationsGetter interface {
	// List returns list of all supported integrations.
	List() []api.Integration

IntegrationsGetter is responsible for listing all supported integrations.


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