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func InitFonts

func InitFonts()

InitFonts ...

func New

func New() (hal.IHal, error)

New -

func ShowCursor

func ShowCursor(id int)

ShowCursor -


type IAddChild

type IAddChild interface {
	AddChild(v ...interfaces.IWidgetKernel)

IAddChild -

type IBounds

type IBounds interface {
	Bounds() *types.TRect

IBounds -

type IChildren

type IChildren interface {
	Children() []interfaces.IWidgetKernel

IChildren -

type IClientRect

type IClientRect interface {
	ClientRect() *types.TRect

IClientRect -

type IDraw

type IDraw interface {

IDraw -

type TCursor

type TCursor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TCursor -

func NewCursor

func NewCursor(id sdl.SystemCursor) *TCursor

NewCursor -

func (*TCursor) Free

func (o *TCursor) Free()

Free -

func (*TCursor) SetCursor

func (o *TCursor) SetCursor(id *sdl.Cursor)

SetCursor -

type THal

type THal struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

THal -

func (*THal) Close

func (o *THal) Close()

Close -

func (*THal) Draw

func (o *THal) Draw()

Draw -

func (*THal) Event

func (o *THal) Event() events.IEvent

Event -

func (*THal) NewScreen

func (o *THal) NewScreen() (interfaces.IScreen, error)

NewScreen -

func (*THal) Screen

func (o *THal) Screen(id int) interfaces.IScreen

Screen -

type TScreen

type TScreen struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TScreen -

func (*TScreen) AddChild

func (o *TScreen) AddChild(children ...interfaces.IWidgetKernel)

AddChild -

func (*TScreen) Clear

func (o *TScreen) Clear()

Clear -

func (*TScreen) Close

func (o *TScreen) Close()

Close -

func (*TScreen) Draw

func (o *TScreen) Draw()

Draw -

func (*TScreen) DrawLine

func (o *TScreen) DrawLine(x1, y1, x2, y2 int)

DrawLine -

func (*TScreen) DrawRect

func (o *TScreen) DrawRect(x1, y1, w, h int)

DrawRect -

func (*TScreen) DrawText

func (o *TScreen) DrawText(s string, x, y int)

DrawText -

func (*TScreen) FillRect

func (o *TScreen) FillRect(x1, y1, w, h int)

FillRect -

func (*TScreen) FindWidget

func (o *TScreen) FindWidget(x, y int) (interfaces.IWidgetKernel, int, int)

FindWidget -

func (*TScreen) Flush

func (o *TScreen) Flush()

Flush -

func (*TScreen) Font

func (o *TScreen) Font() *ttf.Font

Font -

func (*TScreen) GetZeroPoint

func (o *TScreen) GetZeroPoint() (x, y int)

GetZeroPoint -

func (*TScreen) MoveZeroPoint

func (o *TScreen) MoveZeroPoint(x, y int)

MoveZeroPoint -

func (*TScreen) NeedUpdate

func (o *TScreen) NeedUpdate() bool

NeedUpdate -

func (*TScreen) OldSize

func (o *TScreen) OldSize() (int, int)

OldSize -

func (*TScreen) PostUpdate

func (o *TScreen) PostUpdate()

PostUpdate -

func (*TScreen) Remove

func (o *TScreen) Remove(v interfaces.IWidgetKernel)

Remove -

func (*TScreen) ResetUpdate

func (o *TScreen) ResetUpdate()

ResetUpdate -

func (*TScreen) SetClipRect

func (o *TScreen) SetClipRect(rect *types.TRect) error

SetClipRect -

func (*TScreen) SetDrawColor

func (o *TScreen) SetDrawColor(r, g, b, a int)

SetDrawColor -

func (*TScreen) SetFillColor

func (o *TScreen) SetFillColor(r, g, b, a int)

SetFillColor -

func (*TScreen) SetFont

func (o *TScreen) SetFont(font *ttf.Font)

SetFont -

func (*TScreen) SetZeroPoint

func (o *TScreen) SetZeroPoint(x, y int)

SetZeroPoint -

func (*TScreen) Size

func (o *TScreen) Size() (int, int)

Size -


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