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const (
	Default mode = iota

Constants for Controlled Activation modes

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const (
	// ONU transitions
	OnuTxInitialize            = "initialize"
	OnuTxDiscover              = "discover"
	OnuTxEnable                = "enable"
	OnuTxDisable               = "disable"
	OnuTxPonDisable            = "pon_disable"
	OnuTxStartImageDownload    = "start_image_download"
	OnuTxProgressImageDownload = "progress_image_download"
	OnuTxCompleteImageDownload = "complete_image_download"
	OnuTxFailImageDownload     = "fail_image_download"
	OnuTxActivateImage         = "activate_image"
	OnuTxCommitImage           = "commit_image"

	// ONU States
	OnuStateCreated                 = "created"
	OnuStateInitialized             = "initialized"
	OnuStateDiscovered              = "discovered"
	OnuStateEnabled                 = "enabled"
	OnuStateDisabled                = "disabled"
	OnuStatePonDisabled             = "pon_disabled"
	OnuStateImageDownloadStarted    = "image_download_started"
	OnuStateImageDownloadInProgress = "image_download_in_progress"
	OnuStateImageDownloadComplete   = "image_download_completed"
	OnuStateImageDownloadError      = "image_download_error"
	OnuStateImageActivated          = "software_image_activated"
	OnuStateImageCommitted          = "software_image_committed"

	// BBR ONU States and Transitions
	BbrOnuTxSendEapolFlow    = "send_eapol_flow"
	BbrOnuStateEapolFlowSent = "eapol_flow_sent"
	BbrOnuTxSendDhcpFlow     = "send_dhcp_flow"
	BbrOnuStateDhcpFlowSent  = "dhcp_flow_sent"
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const (
	ServiceStateCreated     = "created"
	ServiceStateInitialized = "initialized"
	ServiceStateDisabled    = "disabled"

	ServiceTxInitialize = "initialize"
	ServiceTxDisable    = "disable"
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const (
	UniStateUp   = "up"
	UniStateDown = "down"


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var ControlledActivationModes = map[string]mode{
	"default":  Default,
	"only-onu": OnlyONU,
	"only-pon": OnlyPON,
	"both":     Both,

ControlledActivationModes maps string to int value of mode


func InterfaceIDToPortNo added in v0.0.19

func InterfaceIDToPortNo(intfID uint32, intfType string) uint32

InterfaceIDToPortNo converts InterfaceID to voltha PortID Refer openolt adapter code(master) voltha-openolt-adapter/adaptercore/olt_platform.go: IntfIDToPortNo()

func NewSN added in v1.5.2

func NewSN(oltid int, intfid uint32, onuid uint32) *openolt.SerialNumber


type FlowAddSpy added in v0.0.5

type FlowAddSpy struct {
	CallCount int
	Calls     map[int]*openolt.Flow

type FlowKey added in v0.0.18

type FlowKey struct {
	ID        uint64
	Direction string

type NniPort

type NniPort struct {
	// BBSIM Internals
	ID  uint32
	Olt *OltDevice

	// PON Attributes
	OperState   *fsm.FSM
	Type        string
	PacketCount uint64 // dummy value for the stats

func CreateNNI

func CreateNNI(olt *OltDevice) (NniPort, error)

type OltDevice

type OltDevice struct {
	OltServer *grpc.Server

	// BBSIM Internals
	ID            int
	SerialNumber  string
	NumNni        int
	NumPon        int
	NumOnuPerPon  int
	NumUni        int
	InternalState *fsm.FSM

	Flows                sync.Map
	Delay                int
	ControlledActivation mode
	EventChannel         chan common.Event
	PublishEvents        bool
	PortStatsInterval    int
	PreviouslyConnected  bool

	Pons []*PonPort
	Nnis []*NniPort

	// OLT Attributes
	OperState *fsm.FSM

	OpenoltStream openolt.Openolt_EnableIndicationServer

	// Allocated Resources
	// this data are to verify that the openolt adapter does not duplicate resources
	AllocIDsLock     sync.RWMutex
	AllocIDs         map[uint32]map[uint32]map[uint32]map[int32]map[uint64]bool // map[ponPortId]map[OnuId]map[PortNo]map[AllocIds]map[FlowId]bool
	GemPortIDsLock   sync.RWMutex
	GemPortIDs       map[uint32]map[uint32]map[uint32]map[int32]map[uint64]bool // map[ponPortId]map[OnuId]map[PortNo]map[GemPortIDs]map[FlowId]bool
	OmciResponseRate uint8
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreateOLT

func CreateOLT(options common.GlobalConfig, services []common.ServiceYaml, isMock bool) *OltDevice

func GetOLT

func GetOLT() *OltDevice

func (*OltDevice) ActivateOnu

func (o *OltDevice) ActivateOnu(context context.Context, onu *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) CollectStatistics

func (o *OltDevice) CollectStatistics(context.Context, *openolt.Empty) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) CreateTrafficQueues

func (s *OltDevice) CreateTrafficQueues(context.Context, *tech_profile.TrafficQueues) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) CreateTrafficSchedulers

func (s *OltDevice) CreateTrafficSchedulers(_ context.Context, trafficSchedulers *tech_profile.TrafficSchedulers) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) DeactivateOnu

func (o *OltDevice) DeactivateOnu(_ context.Context, onu *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) DeleteGroup added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) DeleteGroup(ctx context.Context, group *openolt.Group) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) DeleteOnu

func (o *OltDevice) DeleteOnu(_ context.Context, onu *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) DisableOlt

func (o *OltDevice) DisableOlt(context.Context, *openolt.Empty) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) DisablePonIf

func (o *OltDevice) DisablePonIf(_ context.Context, intf *openolt.Interface) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) Enable

Enable implements the OpenOLT EnableIndicationServer functionality

func (*OltDevice) EnableIndication

func (o *OltDevice) EnableIndication(_ *openolt.Empty, stream openolt.Openolt_EnableIndicationServer) error

func (*OltDevice) EnablePonIf

func (o *OltDevice) EnablePonIf(_ context.Context, intf *openolt.Interface) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) FindOnuById added in v0.0.2

func (o *OltDevice) FindOnuById(intfId uint32, onuId uint32) (*Onu, error)

returns an ONU with a given interface/Onu Id

func (*OltDevice) FindOnuBySn added in v0.0.2

func (o *OltDevice) FindOnuBySn(serialNumber string) (*Onu, error)

returns an ONU with a given Serial Number

func (*OltDevice) FindServiceByMacAddress added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) FindServiceByMacAddress(mac net.HardwareAddr) (ServiceIf, error)

returns a Service with a given Mac Address

func (*OltDevice) FlowAdd

func (o *OltDevice) FlowAdd(ctx context.Context, flow *openolt.Flow) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) FlowRemove

func (o *OltDevice) FlowRemove(_ context.Context, flow *openolt.Flow) (*openolt.Empty, error)

FlowRemove request from VOLTHA

func (*OltDevice) GetDeviceInfo

func (o *OltDevice) GetDeviceInfo(context.Context, *openolt.Empty) (*openolt.DeviceInfo, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetExtValue added in v1.0.0

func (*OltDevice) GetGemPortStatistics added in v1.5.1

func (o *OltDevice) GetGemPortStatistics(ctx context.Context, in *openolt.OnuPacket) (*openolt.GemPortStatistics, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetLogicalOnuDistance added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) GetLogicalOnuDistance(ctx context.Context, in *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.OnuLogicalDistance, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetLogicalOnuDistanceZero added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) GetLogicalOnuDistanceZero(ctx context.Context, in *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.OnuLogicalDistance, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetOnuByFlowId added in v0.2.5

func (o *OltDevice) GetOnuByFlowId(flowId uint64) (*Onu, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetOnuInfo

func (o *OltDevice) GetOnuInfo(context context.Context, packet *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.OnuIndication, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetOnuStatistics added in v1.5.1

func (o *OltDevice) GetOnuStatistics(ctx context.Context, in *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.OnuStatistics, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetPonById added in v0.0.2

func (o *OltDevice) GetPonById(id uint32) (*PonPort, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetPonIf

func (o *OltDevice) GetPonIf(context context.Context, packet *openolt.Interface) (*openolt.IntfIndication, error)

func (*OltDevice) GetPonRxPower added in v1.8.0

func (o *OltDevice) GetPonRxPower(ctx context.Context, in *openolt.Onu) (*openolt.PonRxPowerData, error)

func (*OltDevice) HasNni added in v1.5.0

func (o *OltDevice) HasNni(id uint32) bool

func (*OltDevice) HasPon added in v1.5.0

func (o *OltDevice) HasPon(id uint32) bool

func (*OltDevice) HeartbeatCheck

func (o *OltDevice) HeartbeatCheck(context.Context, *openolt.Empty) (*openolt.Heartbeat, error)

func (*OltDevice) InitOlt added in v0.0.7

func (o *OltDevice) InitOlt()

func (*OltDevice) OmciMsgOut

func (o *OltDevice) OmciMsgOut(ctx context.Context, omci_msg *openolt.OmciMsg) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) OnuItuPonAlarmSet added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) OnuItuPonAlarmSet(ctx context.Context, in *config.OnuItuPonAlarm) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) OnuPacketOut

func (o *OltDevice) OnuPacketOut(ctx context.Context, onuPkt *openolt.OnuPacket) (*openolt.Empty, error)

this gRPC methods receives packets from VOLTHA and sends them to the subscriber on the ONU

func (*OltDevice) PerformGroupOperation added in v1.0.0

func (o *OltDevice) PerformGroupOperation(ctx context.Context, group *openolt.Group) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) Reboot

func (*OltDevice) ReenableOlt

func (o *OltDevice) ReenableOlt(context.Context, *openolt.Empty) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) RemoveTrafficQueues

func (s *OltDevice) RemoveTrafficQueues(_ context.Context, tq *tech_profile.TrafficQueues) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) RemoveTrafficSchedulers

func (s *OltDevice) RemoveTrafficSchedulers(context context.Context, trafficSchedulers *tech_profile.TrafficSchedulers) (*openolt.Empty, error)

func (*OltDevice) RestartOLT added in v0.0.7

func (o *OltDevice) RestartOLT() error

func (*OltDevice) SetAlarm added in v1.5.0

func (o *OltDevice) SetAlarm(interfaceId uint32, interfaceType string, alarmStatus string) error

func (*OltDevice) StartOltServer added in v1.4.1

func (o *OltDevice) StartOltServer() (*grpc.Server, error)

StartOltServer will create the grpc server that VOLTHA uses to communicate with the device

func (*OltDevice) StopOltServer added in v0.0.8

func (o *OltDevice) StopOltServer()

StopOltServer stops the OpenOLT grpc server

func (*OltDevice) UplinkPacketOut

func (o *OltDevice) UplinkPacketOut(context context.Context, packet *openolt.UplinkPacket) (*openolt.Empty, error)

type Onu

type Onu struct {
	ID                  uint32
	PonPortID           uint32
	PonPort             *PonPort
	InternalState       *fsm.FSM
	DiscoveryRetryDelay time.Duration // this is the time between subsequent Discovery Indication
	DiscoveryDelay      time.Duration // this is the time to send the first Discovery Indication

	Backoff *backoff.Backoff
	// ONU State
	UniPorts []UniPortIf
	Flows    []FlowKey
	FlowIds  []uint64 // keep track of the flows we currently have in the ONU

	OperState    *fsm.FSM
	SerialNumber *openolt.SerialNumber

	AdminLockState uint8 // 0 is enabled, 1 is disabled.

	Channel chan bbsim.Message // this Channel is to track state changes OMCI messages, EAPOL and DHCP packets

	// OMCI params
	MibDataSync                   uint8
	ImageSoftwareExpectedSections int
	ImageSoftwareReceivedSections int
	ActiveImageEntityId           uint16
	CommittedImageEntityId        uint16
	StandbyImageVersion           string
	ActiveImageVersion            string
	CommittedImageVersion         string
	OmciResponseRate              uint8
	OmciMsgCounter                uint8

	MibDb *omcilib.MibDb

	DoneChannel       chan bool // this channel is used to signal once the onu is complete (when the struct is used by BBR)
	TrafficSchedulers *tech_profile.TrafficSchedulers
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreateONU

func CreateONU(olt *OltDevice, pon *PonPort, id uint32, delay time.Duration, nextCtag map[string]int, nextStag map[string]int, isMock bool) *Onu

func (*Onu) DeleteFlow added in v0.0.18

func (onu *Onu) DeleteFlow(key FlowKey)

DeleteFlow method search and delete flowKey from the onu flows slice

func (*Onu) FindUniByEntityId added in v1.8.0

func (o *Onu) FindUniByEntityId(meId uint16) (*UniPort, error)

FindUniByEntityId retrieves a uni by MeID (the OMCI entity ID)

func (*Onu) FindUniById added in v1.8.0

func (o *Onu) FindUniById(uniID uint32) (*UniPort, error)

FindUniById retrieves a UNI by ID

func (*Onu) HandlePowerOnONU added in v1.5.0

func (o *Onu) HandlePowerOnONU() error

func (*Onu) HandleShutdownONU added in v1.5.0

func (o *Onu) HandleShutdownONU() error

func (*Onu) IncrementAlarmSequenceNumber added in v1.5.2

func (o *Onu) IncrementAlarmSequenceNumber(key omcilib.OnuAlarmInfoMapKey) uint8

func (*Onu) ProcessOnuMessages added in v0.0.2

func (o *Onu) ProcessOnuMessages(ctx context.Context, stream openolt.Openolt_EnableIndicationServer, client openolt.OpenoltClient)

ProcessOnuMessages starts indication channel for each ONU

func (*Onu) ReDiscoverOnu added in v0.3.0

func (onu *Onu) ReDiscoverOnu()

func (*Onu) Reboot added in v1.5.2

func (o *Onu) Reboot(timeout time.Duration) error

func (*Onu) SendOMCIAlarmNotificationMsg added in v1.5.2

func (o *Onu) SendOMCIAlarmNotificationMsg(raiseOMCIAlarm bool, alarmType string)

func (*Onu) SetAlarm added in v1.5.0

func (o *Onu) SetAlarm(alarmType string, status string) error

func (*Onu) SetID added in v0.0.7

func (o *Onu) SetID(id uint32)

func (*Onu) Sn

func (o *Onu) Sn() string

func (*Onu) StartOmci added in v0.0.2

func (o *Onu) StartOmci(client openolt.OpenoltClient)

TODO move this method in responders/omcisim StartOmci is called in BBR to start the OMCI state machine

type PonPort

type PonPort struct {
	// BBSIM Internals
	ID            uint32
	NumOnu        int
	Onus          []*Onu
	Olt           *OltDevice
	PacketCount   uint64
	InternalState *fsm.FSM

	// PON Attributes
	OperState *fsm.FSM
	Type      string

	// Allocated resources
	// Some resources (eg: OnuId, AllocId and GemPorts) have to be unique per PON port
	// we are keeping a list so that we can throw an error in cases we receive duplicates
	AllocatedGemPorts map[uint16]*openolt.SerialNumber

	AllocatedOnuIds map[uint32]*openolt.SerialNumber

	AllocatedAllocIds map[uint16]*openolt.SerialNumber
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreatePonPort added in v0.0.10

func CreatePonPort(olt *OltDevice, id uint32) *PonPort

CreatePonPort creates pon port object

func (*PonPort) GetNumOfActiveOnus added in v0.0.19

func (p *PonPort) GetNumOfActiveOnus() uint32

GetNumOfActiveOnus returns number of active ONUs for PON port

func (*PonPort) GetOnuById added in v0.0.2

func (p *PonPort) GetOnuById(id uint32) (*Onu, error)

func (*PonPort) GetOnuBySn added in v0.0.2

func (p *PonPort) GetOnuBySn(sn *openolt.SerialNumber) (*Onu, error)

type Service added in v1.0.0

type Service struct {
	Id                  uint32
	Name                string
	HwAddress           net.HardwareAddr
	UniPort             *UniPort
	CTag                int
	STag                int
	NeedsEapol          bool
	NeedsDhcp           bool
	NeedsIgmp           bool
	TechnologyProfileID int
	UniTagMatch         int
	ConfigureMacAddress bool
	UsPonCTagPriority   uint8
	UsPonSTagPriority   uint8
	DsPonCTagPriority   uint8
	DsPonSTagPriority   uint8

	// state
	GemPort       uint32
	InternalState *fsm.FSM
	EapolState    *fsm.FSM
	DHCPState     *fsm.FSM
	IGMPState     *fsm.FSM
	Channel       chan bbsimTypes.Message          // drive Service lifecycle
	PacketCh      chan bbsimTypes.OnuPacketMessage // handle packets
	Stream        bbsimTypes.Stream                // the gRPC stream to communicate with the adapter, created in the initialize transition

func NewService added in v1.0.0

func NewService(id uint32, name string, hwAddress net.HardwareAddr, uni *UniPort, cTag int, sTag int,
	needsEapol bool, needsDchp bool, needsIgmp bool, tpID int, uniTagMatch int, configMacAddress bool,
	usPonCTagPriority uint8, usPonSTagPriority uint8, dsPonCTagPriority uint8, dsPonSTagPriority uint8) (*Service, error)

func (*Service) Disable added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) Disable()

func (*Service) HandleAuth added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) HandleAuth()

HandleAuth is used to start EAPOL for a particular Service when the corresponding flow is received

func (*Service) HandleChannel added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) HandleChannel()

func (*Service) HandleDhcp added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) HandleDhcp(pbit uint8, cTag int)

HandleDhcp is used to start DHCP for a particular Service when the corresponding flow is received

func (*Service) HandlePackets added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) HandlePackets()

func (*Service) Initialize added in v1.0.0

func (s *Service) Initialize(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)

func (*Service) UpdateStream added in v1.6.0

func (s *Service) UpdateStream(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)

type ServiceIf added in v1.0.0

type ServiceIf interface {
	HandlePackets()                  // start listening on the PacketCh
	HandleAuth()                     // Sends the EapoStart packet
	HandleDhcp(pbit uint8, cTag int) // Sends the DHCPDiscover packet

	Initialize(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)
	UpdateStream(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)

type UniPort added in v1.8.0

type UniPort struct {
	ID        uint32
	MeId      omcilib.EntityID
	PortNo    uint32
	OperState *fsm.FSM
	Onu       *Onu
	Services  []ServiceIf

	PacketCh chan bbsimTypes.OnuPacketMessage // handle packets
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUniPort added in v1.8.0

func NewUniPort(ID uint32, onu *Onu, nextCtag map[string]int, nextStag map[string]int) (*UniPort, error)

func (*UniPort) Disable added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) Disable() error

func (*UniPort) Enable added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) Enable() error

func (*UniPort) HandleAuth added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) HandleAuth()

func (*UniPort) HandleDhcp added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) HandleDhcp(pbit uint8, cTag int)

func (*UniPort) HandlePackets added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) HandlePackets()

this method simply forwards the packet to the correct service

func (*UniPort) StorePortNo added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) StorePortNo(portNo uint32)

func (*UniPort) UpdateStream added in v1.8.0

func (u *UniPort) UpdateStream(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)

type UniPortIf added in v1.8.0

type UniPortIf interface {
	StorePortNo(portNo uint32)
	UpdateStream(stream bbsimTypes.Stream)
	Enable() error
	Disable() error

	HandlePackets()                  // start listening on the PacketCh
	HandleAuth()                     // Sends the EapoStart packet
	HandleDhcp(pbit uint8, cTag int) // Sends the DHCPDiscover packet

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