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const MigrateRecommendedName = "migrate"


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var ErrRecalculate = fmt.Errorf("recalculate migration")

ErrRecalculate may be returned by MigrateActionFunc to indicate that the object has changed and needs to have its information recalculated prior to being saved. Use when a resource requires multiple API operations to persist (for instance, both status and spec must be changed).

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var ErrUnchanged = fmt.Errorf("migration was not necessary")

ErrUnchanged may be returned by MigrateActionFunc to indicate that the object did not need migration (but that could only be determined when the action was taken).


func DefaultRetriable

func DefaultRetriable(info *resource.Info, err error) error

DefaultRetriable adds retry information to the provided error, and will refresh the info if the client info is stale. If the refresh fails the error is made fatal. All other errors are left in their natural state - they will not be retried unless they define a Temporary() method that returns true.

func FindAllCanonicalResources

func FindAllCanonicalResources(d discovery.ServerResourcesInterface, m meta.RESTMapper) ([]schema.GroupResource, error)

FindAllCanonicalResources returns all resources that: 1. map directly to their kind (Kind -> Resource -> Kind) 2. are not subresources 3. can be listed and updated Note that this may return some virtual resources (like imagestreamtags) that can be otherwise represented. TODO: add a field to APIResources for "virtual" (or that points to the canonical resource).

func NewCommandMigrate

func NewCommandMigrate(name, fullName string, f cmdutil.Factory, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams, cmds ...*cobra.Command) *cobra.Command


type Builder

type Builder interface {
	// Visitor returns a resource.Visitor that ignores errors that match the given resource.ErrMatchFuncs
	Visitor(fns ...resource.ErrMatchFunc) (resource.Visitor, error)

Builder allows for mocking of resource.Builder

type ErrNotRetriable

type ErrNotRetriable struct {

ErrNotRetriable is a wrapper for an error that a migrator may use to indicate the specific error cannot be retried.

func (ErrNotRetriable) Temporary

func (ErrNotRetriable) Temporary() bool

type ErrRetriable

type ErrRetriable struct {

ErrRetriable is a wrapper for an error that a migrator may use to indicate the specific error can be retried.

func (ErrRetriable) Temporary

func (ErrRetriable) Temporary() bool

type MigrateActionFunc

type MigrateActionFunc func(info *resource.Info, reporter Reporter) error

MigrateActionFunc is expected to persist the altered info.Object. The Reporter returned from Visit is passed to this function and may be used to carry additional information about what to save on an object.

type MigrateError

type MigrateError error

MigrateError is an exported alias to error to allow external packages to use ErrRetriable and ErrNotRetriable

type MigrateFilterFunc

type MigrateFilterFunc func(info *resource.Info) (bool, error)

MigrateFilterFunc can return false to skip an item, or an error.

type MigrateVisitFunc

type MigrateVisitFunc func(info *resource.Info) (Reporter, error)

MigrateVisitFunc is invoked for each returned object, and may return a Reporter that can contain info to be used by save.

type Reporter

type Reporter interface {
	// Changed returns true if the resource requires migration.
	Changed() bool

Reporter indicates whether a resource requires migration.

func AlwaysRequiresMigration

func AlwaysRequiresMigration(_ *resource.Info) (Reporter, error)

type ReporterBool

type ReporterBool bool

ReporterBool implements the Reporter interface for a boolean.

func (ReporterBool) Changed

func (r ReporterBool) Changed() bool

type ResourceOptions

type ResourceOptions struct {
	PrintFlags *genericclioptions.PrintFlags

	Printer printers.ResourcePrinter

	Unstructured  bool
	AllNamespaces bool
	Include       []string
	Filenames     []string
	Confirm       bool
	Output        string
	FromKey       string
	ToKey         string

	OverlappingResources []sets.String
	DefaultExcludes      []schema.GroupResource

	Builder   *resource.Builder
	SaveFn    MigrateActionFunc
	PrintFn   MigrateActionFunc
	FilterFn  MigrateFilterFunc
	DryRun    bool
	Summarize bool

	// Number of parallel workers to use.
	// Any migrate command that sets this must make sure that
	// its SaveFn, PrintFn and FilterFn are goroutine safe.
	// If multiple workers may attempt to write to Out or ErrOut
	// at the same time, SyncOut must also be set to true.
	// This should not be exposed as a CLI flag.  Instead it
	// should have a fixed value that is high enough to saturate
	// the desired bandwidth when parallel processing is desired.
	Workers int
	// If true, Out and ErrOut will be wrapped to make them goroutine safe.
	SyncOut bool


ResourceOptions assists in performing migrations on any object that can be retrieved via the API.

func NewResourceOptions

func NewResourceOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *ResourceOptions

func (*ResourceOptions) Bind

func (o *ResourceOptions) Bind(c *cobra.Command)

func (*ResourceOptions) Complete

func (o *ResourceOptions) Complete(f kcmdutil.Factory, c *cobra.Command) error

func (*ResourceOptions) Validate

func (o *ResourceOptions) Validate() error

func (*ResourceOptions) Visitor

func (o *ResourceOptions) Visitor() *ResourceVisitor

func (*ResourceOptions) WithAllNamespaces

func (o *ResourceOptions) WithAllNamespaces() *ResourceOptions

func (*ResourceOptions) WithExcludes

func (o *ResourceOptions) WithExcludes(defaultExcludes []schema.GroupResource) *ResourceOptions

func (*ResourceOptions) WithIncludes

func (o *ResourceOptions) WithIncludes(include []string) *ResourceOptions

func (*ResourceOptions) WithOverlappingResources

func (o *ResourceOptions) WithOverlappingResources(resources []sets.String) *ResourceOptions

func (*ResourceOptions) WithUnstructured

func (o *ResourceOptions) WithUnstructured() *ResourceOptions

type ResourceVisitor

type ResourceVisitor struct {
	Out io.Writer

	Builder Builder

	SaveFn   MigrateActionFunc
	PrintFn  MigrateActionFunc
	FilterFn MigrateFilterFunc

	DryRun bool

	Workers int

func (*ResourceVisitor) Visit

func (o *ResourceVisitor) Visit(fn MigrateVisitFunc) error

type TemporaryError

type TemporaryError interface {
	// Temporary should return true if this is a temporary error
	Temporary() bool

TemporaryError is a wrapper interface that is used to determine if an error can be retried.


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