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const (
	// Name of message transmitted or received.
	RPCNameKey = attribute.Key("name")

	// Type of message transmitted or received.
	RPCMessageTypeKey = attribute.Key("message.type")

	// Identifier of message transmitted or received.
	RPCMessageIDKey = attribute.Key("message.id")

	// The compressed size of the message transmitted or received in bytes.
	RPCMessageCompressedSizeKey = attribute.Key("message.compressed_size")

	// The uncompressed size of the message transmitted or received in
	// bytes.
	RPCMessageUncompressedSizeKey = attribute.Key("message.uncompressed_size")

Semantic conventions for attribute keys for gRPC.

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const (

	// GRPCStatusCodeKey is convention for numeric status code of a gRPC request.
	GRPCStatusCodeKey = attribute.Key("rpc.grpc.status_code")


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var (
	// Semantic convention for gRPC as the remoting system.
	RPCSystemGRPC = semconv.RPCSystemGRPC

	// Semantic convention for a message named message.
	RPCNameMessage = RPCNameKey.String("message")

	// Semantic conventions for RPC message types.
	RPCMessageTypeSent     = RPCMessageTypeKey.String("SENT")
	RPCMessageTypeReceived = RPCMessageTypeKey.String("RECEIVED")

Semantic conventions for common RPC attributes.


func Extract

func Extract(ctx context.Context, md *metadata.MD, opts ...Option) (baggage.Baggage, trace.SpanContext)

Extract returns the correlation context and span context that another service encoded in the gRPC metadata object with Inject. This function is meant to be used on incoming requests. Deprecated: Unnecessary public func.

func Inject

func Inject(ctx context.Context, md *metadata.MD, opts ...Option)

Inject injects correlation context and span context into the gRPC metadata object. This function is meant to be used on outgoing requests. Deprecated: Unnecessary public func.

func SemVersion deprecated added in v0.24.0

func SemVersion() string

SemVersion is the semantic version to be supplied to tracer/meter creation.

Deprecated: Use Version instead.

func StreamClientInterceptor

func StreamClientInterceptor(opts ...Option) grpc.StreamClientInterceptor

StreamClientInterceptor returns a grpc.StreamClientInterceptor suitable for use in a grpc.Dial call.

_, _ = grpc.Dial("localhost", grpc.WithStreamInterceptor(StreamClientInterceptor()))

func StreamServerInterceptor

func StreamServerInterceptor(opts ...Option) grpc.StreamServerInterceptor

StreamServerInterceptor returns a grpc.StreamServerInterceptor suitable for use in a grpc.NewServer call.

_ = grpc.NewServer(grpc.StreamInterceptor(StreamServerInterceptor()))

func UnaryClientInterceptor

func UnaryClientInterceptor(opts ...Option) grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor

UnaryClientInterceptor returns a grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor suitable for use in a grpc.Dial call.

_, _ = grpc.Dial("localhost", grpc.WithUnaryInterceptor(UnaryClientInterceptor()))

func UnaryServerInterceptor

func UnaryServerInterceptor(opts ...Option) grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor

UnaryServerInterceptor returns a grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor suitable for use in a grpc.NewServer call.

_ = grpc.NewServer(grpc.UnaryInterceptor(UnaryServerInterceptor()))

func Version added in v0.24.0

func Version() string

Version is the current release version of the gRPC instrumentation.


type Filter added in v0.35.0

type Filter func(*InterceptorInfo) bool

Filter is a predicate used to determine whether a given request in interceptor info should be traced. A Filter must return true if the request should be traced.

type InterceptorInfo added in v0.35.0

type InterceptorInfo struct {
	// Method is method name registered to UnaryClient and StreamClient
	Method string
	// UnaryServerInfo is the metadata for UnaryServer
	UnaryServerInfo *grpc.UnaryServerInfo
	// StreamServerInfo if the metadata for StreamServer
	StreamServerInfo *grpc.StreamServerInfo
	// Type is the type for interceptor
	Type InterceptorType

InterceptorInfo is the union of some arguments to four types of gRPC interceptors.

type InterceptorType added in v0.35.0

type InterceptorType uint8

InterceptorType is the flag to define which gRPC interceptor the InterceptorInfo object is.

const (
	// UndefinedInterceptor is the type for the interceptor information that is not
	// well initialized or categorized to other types.
	UndefinedInterceptor InterceptorType = iota
	// UnaryClient is the type for grpc.UnaryClient interceptor.
	// StreamClient is the type for grpc.StreamClient interceptor.
	// UnaryServer is the type for grpc.UnaryServer interceptor.
	// StreamServer is the type for grpc.StreamServer interceptor.

type Option

type Option interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Option applies an option value for a config.

func WithInterceptorFilter added in v0.35.0

func WithInterceptorFilter(f Filter) Option

WithInterceptorFilter returns an Option to use the request filter.

func WithMeterProvider added in v0.37.0

func WithMeterProvider(mp metric.MeterProvider) Option

WithMeterProvider returns an Option to use the MeterProvider when creating a Meter. If this option is not provide the global MeterProvider will be used.

func WithPropagators

func WithPropagators(p propagation.TextMapPropagator) Option

WithPropagators returns an Option to use the Propagators when extracting and injecting trace context from requests.

func WithTracerProvider added in v0.13.0

func WithTracerProvider(tp trace.TracerProvider) Option

WithTracerProvider returns an Option to use the TracerProvider when creating a Tracer.


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