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var Validate *validator.Validate


func Basename

func Basename(s string) string

func ChangeWorkDir

func ChangeWorkDir(workdir string)

func Copy

func Copy(toValue interface{}, fromValue interface{}) (err error)

Copy copy things

func CreateFile

func CreateFile(path, filename string) error

func DeepFields

func DeepFields(reflectType reflect.Type) []reflect.StructField

func Filename

func Filename(s string) string

func GetFieldValue

func GetFieldValue(f interface{}, name string) reflect.Value

func GetRelativePath

func GetRelativePath(skip int) string

func GetWorkDir

func GetWorkDir() string

func IsPathNotExist

func IsPathNotExist(path string) bool

func LowerFirst

func LowerFirst(str string) string

func NewReflectType

func NewReflectType(st interface{}) interface{}

func ParseReferences

func ParseReferences(st interface{}, varName []string) (string, error)

func ParseVariables

func ParseVariables(src string, re *regexp.Regexp) [][]string

func Replace

func Replace(to interface{}, root interface{}) error

func ReplaceStringVariables

func ReplaceStringVariables(source string, t interface{}) (string, error)

func StringInSlice

func StringInSlice(a string, list []string) bool

func UpperFirst

func UpperFirst(str string) string

func ValidateReflectType

func ValidateReflectType(obj interface{}, callback func(value *reflect.Value, reflectType reflect.Type, fieldSize int, isSlice bool) error) error

func Visit

func Visit(files *[]string) filepath.WalkFunc

func WriterFile

func WriterFile(path, filename string, in []byte) (int, error)


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