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Published: Jan 28, 2015 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 28 Imported by: 0




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const (
	ArpIterations          = 20
	ArpIterationDelay      = 5 * time.Second
	ArpInterfaceCheckDelay = 100 * time.Millisecond
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const (
	SigarStatsCollectionInterval = 10 * time.Second


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func NewDummyPlatform

func NewDummyPlatform(
	collector boshstats.Collector,
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	dirProvider boshdirs.Provider,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
) *dummyPlatform

func NewLinuxPlatform

func NewLinuxPlatform(
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	collector boshstats.Collector,
	compressor boshcmd.Compressor,
	copier boshcmd.Copier,
	dirProvider boshdirs.Provider,
	vitalsService boshvitals.Service,
	cdutil boshdevutil.DeviceUtil,
	diskManager boshdisk.Manager,
	netManager boshnet.Manager,
	monitRetryStrategy boshretry.RetryStrategy,
	diskScanDuration time.Duration,
	options LinuxOptions,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
) (platform *linux)

func NewMonitRetryable

func NewMonitRetryable(cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner) boshretry.Retryable

func NewProvider

func NewProvider(logger boshlog.Logger, dirProvider boshdirs.Provider, options ProviderOptions) (p provider)


type LinuxOptions

type LinuxOptions struct {
	// When set to true loop back device
	// is not going to be overlayed over /tmp to limit /tmp dir size
	UseDefaultTmpDir bool

	// When set to true persistent disk will be assumed to be pre-formatted;
	// otherwise agent will partition and format it right before mounting
	UsePreformattedPersistentDisk bool

	// When set to true persistent disk will be mounted as a bind-mount
	BindMountPersistentDisk bool

	// When set to true and no ephemeral disk is mounted, the agent will create
	// a partition on the same device as the root partition to use as the
	// ephemeral disk
	CreatePartitionIfNoEphemeralDisk bool

type Platform

type Platform interface {
	GetFs() boshsys.FileSystem
	GetRunner() boshsys.CmdRunner
	GetCompressor() boshcmd.Compressor
	GetCopier() boshcmd.Copier
	GetDirProvider() boshdir.Provider
	GetVitalsService() boshvitals.Service

	GetDevicePathResolver() (devicePathResolver boshdpresolv.DevicePathResolver)
	SetDevicePathResolver(devicePathResolver boshdpresolv.DevicePathResolver) error

	// User management
	CreateUser(username, password, basePath string) (err error)
	AddUserToGroups(username string, groups []string) (err error)
	DeleteEphemeralUsersMatching(regex string) (err error)

	// Bootstrap functionality
	SetupSSH(publicKey, username string) (err error)
	SetUserPassword(user, encryptedPwd string) (err error)
	SetupHostname(hostname string) (err error)
	SetupDhcp(networks boshsettings.Networks) (err error)
	SetupManualNetworking(networks boshsettings.Networks) (err error)
	SetupLogrotate(groupName, basePath, size string) (err error)
	SetTimeWithNtpServers(servers []string) (err error)
	SetupEphemeralDiskWithPath(devicePath string) (err error)
	SetupDataDir() (err error)
	SetupTmpDir() (err error)
	SetupMonitUser() (err error)
	StartMonit() (err error)
	SetupRuntimeConfiguration() (err error)

	// Disk management
	MountPersistentDisk(diskSettings boshsettings.DiskSettings, mountPoint string) error
	UnmountPersistentDisk(diskSettings boshsettings.DiskSettings) (didUnmount bool, err error)
	MigratePersistentDisk(fromMountPoint, toMountPoint string) (err error)
	NormalizeDiskPath(diskSettings boshsettings.DiskSettings) string
	IsMountPoint(path string) (result bool, err error)
	IsPersistentDiskMounted(diskSettings boshsettings.DiskSettings) (result bool, err error)

	GetFileContentsFromCDROM(filePath string) (contents []byte, err error)
	GetFilesContentsFromDisk(diskPath string, fileNames []string) (contents [][]byte, err error)

	// Network misc
	PrepareForNetworkingChange() error
	GetDefaultNetwork() (boshsettings.Network, error)

	// Additional monit management
	GetMonitCredentials() (username, password string, err error)

type ProviderOptions

type ProviderOptions struct {
	Linux LinuxOptions

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