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Package utils contains internal helper functions for go-ethereum commands.



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var (
	// General settings
	DataDirFlag = DirectoryFlag{
		Name:  "datadir",
		Usage: "Data directory for the databases and keystore",
		Value: DirectoryString{common.DefaultDataDir()},
	NetworkIdFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "networkid",
		Usage: "Network identifier (integer, 0=Olympic, 1=Frontier, 2=Morden)",
		Value: eth.NetworkId,
	OlympicFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "olympic",
		Usage: "Olympic network: pre-configured pre-release test network",
	TestNetFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "testnet",
		Usage: "Morden network: pre-configured test network with modified starting nonces (replay protection)",
	DevModeFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "dev",
		Usage: "Developer mode: pre-configured private network with several debugging flags",
	GenesisFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "genesis",
		Usage: "Insert/overwrite the genesis block (JSON format)",
	IdentityFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "identity",
		Usage: "Custom node name",
	NatspecEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "natspec",
		Usage: "Enable NatSpec confirmation notice",
	DocRootFlag = DirectoryFlag{
		Name:  "docroot",
		Usage: "Document Root for HTTPClient file scheme",
		Value: DirectoryString{common.HomeDir()},
	CacheFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "cache",
		Usage: "Megabytes of memory allocated to internal caching (min 16MB / database forced)",
		Value: 0,
	BlockchainVersionFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "blockchainversion",
		Usage: "Blockchain version (integer)",
		Value: core.BlockChainVersion,
	FastSyncFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "fast",
		Usage: "Enable fast syncing through state downloads",
	LightKDFFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "lightkdf",
		Usage: "Reduce key-derivation RAM & CPU usage at some expense of KDF strength",
	// Miner settings
	// TODO: refactor CPU vs GPU mining flags
	MiningEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "mine",
		Usage: "Enable mining",
	MinerThreadsFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "minerthreads",
		Usage: "Number of CPU threads to use for mining",
		Value: runtime.NumCPU(),
	MiningGPUFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "minergpus",
		Usage: "List of GPUs to use for mining (e.g. '0,1' will use the first two GPUs found)",
	AutoDAGFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "autodag",
		Usage: "Enable automatic DAG pregeneration",
	EtherbaseFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "etherbase",
		Usage: "Public address for block mining rewards (default = first account created)",
		Value: "0",
	GasPriceFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "gasprice",
		Usage: "Minimal gas price to accept for mining a transactions",
		Value: new(big.Int).Mul(big.NewInt(50), common.Shannon).String(),
	ExtraDataFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "extradata",
		Usage: "Block extra data set by the miner (default = client version)",
	// Account settings
	UnlockedAccountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "unlock",
		Usage: "Comma separated list of accounts to unlock",
		Value: "",
	PasswordFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "password",
		Usage: "Password file to use for non-inteactive password input",
		Value: "",

	// vm flags
	VMDebugFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "vmdebug",
		Usage: "Virtual Machine debug output",
	VMForceJitFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "forcejit",
		Usage: "Force the JIT VM to take precedence",
	VMJitCacheFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "jitcache",
		Usage: "Amount of cached JIT VM programs",
		Value: 64,
	VMEnableJitFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "jitvm",
		Usage: "Enable the JIT VM",

	// logging and debug settings
	VerbosityFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "verbosity",
		Usage: "Logging verbosity: 0-6 (0=silent, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=core, 5=debug, 6=debug detail)",
		Value: int(logger.InfoLevel),
	LogFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "logfile",
		Usage: "Log output file within the data dir (default = no log file generated)",
		Value: "",
	LogVModuleFlag = cli.GenericFlag{
		Name:  "vmodule",
		Usage: "Per-module verbosity: comma-separated list of <module>=<level>, where <module> is file literal or a glog pattern",
		Value: glog.GetVModule(),
	BacktraceAtFlag = cli.GenericFlag{
		Name:  "backtrace",
		Usage: "Request a stack trace at a specific logging statement (e.g. \"block.go:271\")",
		Value: glog.GetTraceLocation(),
	PProfEanbledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "pprof",
		Usage: "Enable the profiling server on localhost",
	PProfPortFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "pprofport",
		Usage: "Profile server listening port",
		Value: 6060,
	MetricsEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  metrics.MetricsEnabledFlag,
		Usage: "Enable metrics collection and reporting",

	// RPC settings
	RPCEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "rpc",
		Usage: "Enable the HTTP-RPC server",
	RPCListenAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "rpcaddr",
		Usage: "HTTP-RPC server listening interface",
		Value: "",
	RPCPortFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "rpcport",
		Usage: "HTTP-RPC server listening port",
		Value: 8545,
	RPCCORSDomainFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "rpccorsdomain",
		Usage: "Domains from which to accept cross origin requests (browser enforced)",
		Value: "",
	RPCApiFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "rpcapi",
		Usage: "API's offered over the HTTP-RPC interface",
		Value: rpc.DefaultHttpRpcApis,
	IPCDisabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "ipcdisable",
		Usage: "Disable the IPC-RPC server",
	IPCApiFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "ipcapi",
		Usage: "API's offered over the IPC-RPC interface",
		Value: rpc.DefaultIpcApis,
	IPCPathFlag = DirectoryFlag{
		Name:  "ipcpath",
		Usage: "Filename for IPC socket/pipe",
		Value: DirectoryString{common.DefaultIpcPath()},
	WSEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "ws",
		Usage: "Enable the WS-RPC server",
	WSListenAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "wsaddr",
		Usage: "WS-RPC server listening interface",
		Value: "",
	WSPortFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "wsport",
		Usage: "WS-RPC server listening port",
		Value: 8546,
	WSApiFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "wsapi",
		Usage: "API's offered over the WS-RPC interface",
		Value: rpc.DefaultHttpRpcApis,
	WSAllowedDomainsFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "wsdomains",
		Usage: "Domains from which to accept websockets requests",
		Value: "",
	ExecFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "exec",
		Usage: "Execute JavaScript statement (only in combination with console/attach)",
	// Network Settings
	MaxPeersFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "maxpeers",
		Usage: "Maximum number of network peers (network disabled if set to 0)",
		Value: 25,
	MaxPendingPeersFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "maxpendpeers",
		Usage: "Maximum number of pending connection attempts (defaults used if set to 0)",
		Value: 0,
	ListenPortFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "port",
		Usage: "Network listening port",
		Value: 30303,
	BootnodesFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "bootnodes",
		Usage: "Comma separated enode URLs for P2P discovery bootstrap",
		Value: "",
	NodeKeyFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "nodekey",
		Usage: "P2P node key file",
	NodeKeyHexFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "nodekeyhex",
		Usage: "P2P node key as hex (for testing)",
	NATFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "nat",
		Usage: "NAT port mapping mechanism (any|none|upnp|pmp|extip:<IP>)",
		Value: "any",
	NoDiscoverFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "nodiscover",
		Usage: "Disables the peer discovery mechanism (manual peer addition)",
	WhisperEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:  "shh",
		Usage: "Enable Whisper",
	// ATM the url is left to the user and deployment to
	JSpathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "jspath",
		Usage: "JavaSript root path for `loadScript` and document root for `admin.httpGet`",
		Value: ".",
	SolcPathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "solc",
		Usage: "Solidity compiler command to be used",
		Value: "solc",

	// Gas price oracle settings
	GpoMinGasPriceFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "gpomin",
		Usage: "Minimum suggested gas price",
		Value: new(big.Int).Mul(big.NewInt(50), common.Shannon).String(),
	GpoMaxGasPriceFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:  "gpomax",
		Usage: "Maximum suggested gas price",
		Value: new(big.Int).Mul(big.NewInt(500), common.Shannon).String(),
	GpoFullBlockRatioFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "gpofull",
		Usage: "Full block threshold for gas price calculation (%)",
		Value: 80,
	GpobaseStepDownFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "gpobasedown",
		Usage: "Suggested gas price base step down ratio (1/1000)",
		Value: 10,
	GpobaseStepUpFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "gpobaseup",
		Usage: "Suggested gas price base step up ratio (1/1000)",
		Value: 100,
	GpobaseCorrectionFactorFlag = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:  "gpobasecf",
		Usage: "Suggested gas price base correction factor (%)",
		Value: 110,
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var FrontierBootNodes = []*discover.Node{



FrontierBootNodes are the enode URLs of the P2P bootstrap nodes running on the Frontier network.

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var TestNetBootNodes = []*discover.Node{


TestNetBootNodes are the enode URLs of the P2P bootstrap nodes running on the Morden test network.


func ExportAppendChain

func ExportAppendChain(blockchain *core.BlockChain, fn string, first uint64, last uint64) error

func ExportChain

func ExportChain(blockchain *core.BlockChain, fn string) error

func Fatalf

func Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

Fatalf formats a message to standard error and exits the program. The message is also printed to standard output if standard error is redirected to a different file.

func FormatTransactionData

func FormatTransactionData(data string) []byte

func IPCSocketPath

func IPCSocketPath(ctx *cli.Context) (ipcpath string)

func ImportChain

func ImportChain(chain *core.BlockChain, fn string) error

func MakeAccountManager

func MakeAccountManager(ctx *cli.Context) *accounts.Manager

MakeAccountManager creates an account manager from set command line flags.

func MakeAddress

func MakeAddress(accman *accounts.Manager, account string) (a common.Address, err error)

MakeAddress converts an account specified directly as a hex encoded string or a key index in the key store to an internal account representation.

func MakeBootstrapNodes

func MakeBootstrapNodes(ctx *cli.Context) []*discover.Node

MakeBootstrapNodes creates a list of bootstrap nodes from the command line flags, reverting to pre-configured ones if none have been specified.

func MakeChain

func MakeChain(ctx *cli.Context) (chain *core.BlockChain, chainDb ethdb.Database)

MakeChain creates a chain manager from set command line flags.

func MakeEtherbase

func MakeEtherbase(accman *accounts.Manager, ctx *cli.Context) common.Address

MakeEtherbase retrieves the etherbase either from the directly specified command line flags or from the keystore if CLI indexed.

func MakeGenesisBlock

func MakeGenesisBlock(ctx *cli.Context) string

MakeGenesisBlock loads up a genesis block from an input file specified in the command line, or returns the empty string if none set.

func MakeListenAddress

func MakeListenAddress(ctx *cli.Context) string

MakeListenAddress creates a TCP listening address string from set command line flags.

func MakeMinerExtra

func MakeMinerExtra(extra []byte, ctx *cli.Context) []byte

MakeMinerExtra resolves extradata for the miner from the set command line flags or returns a default one composed on the client, runtime and OS metadata.

func MakeNAT

func MakeNAT(ctx *cli.Context) nat.Interface

MakeNAT creates a port mapper from set command line flags.

func MakeNodeKey

func MakeNodeKey(ctx *cli.Context) *ecdsa.PrivateKey

MakeNodeKey creates a node key from set command line flags, either loading it from a file or as a specified hex value. If neither flags were provided, this method returns nil and an emphemeral key is to be generated.

func MakeNodeName

func MakeNodeName(client, version string, ctx *cli.Context) string

MakeNodeName creates a node name from a base set and the command line flags.

func MakePasswordList

func MakePasswordList(ctx *cli.Context) []string

MakePasswordList loads up a list of password from a file specified by the command line flags.

func MakeSystemNode

func MakeSystemNode(name, version string, extra []byte, ctx *cli.Context) *node.Node

MakeSystemNode sets up a local node, configures the services to launch and assembles the P2P protocol stack.

func MustMakeDataDir

func MustMakeDataDir(ctx *cli.Context) string

MustMakeDataDir retrieves the currently requested data directory, terminating if none (or the empty string) is specified. If the node is starting a testnet, the a subdirectory of the specified datadir will be used.

func NewApp

func NewApp(version, usage string) *cli.App

NewApp creates an app with sane defaults.

func NewInProcRPCClient

func NewInProcRPCClient(stack *node.Node) *inProcClient

NewInProcRPCClient will start a new RPC server for the given node and returns a client to interact with it.

func NewRemoteRPCClient

func NewRemoteRPCClient(ctx *cli.Context) (rpc.Client, error)

NewRemoteRPCClient returns a RPC client which connects to a running geth instance. Depending on the given context this can either be a IPC or a HTTP client.

func NewRemoteRPCClientFromString

func NewRemoteRPCClientFromString(endpoint string) (rpc.Client, error)

NewRemoteRPCClientFromString returns a RPC client which connects to the given endpoint. It must start with either `ipc:` or `rpc:` (HTTP).

func PromptConfirm

func PromptConfirm(prompt string) (bool, error)

func PromptPassword

func PromptPassword(prompt string, warnTerm bool) (string, error)

func SetupLogger

func SetupLogger(ctx *cli.Context)

SetupLogger configures glog from the logging-related command line flags.

func SetupNetwork

func SetupNetwork(ctx *cli.Context)

SetupNetwork configures the system for either the main net or some test network.

func SetupVM

func SetupVM(ctx *cli.Context)

SetupVM configured the VM package's global settings

func StartIPC

func StartIPC(stack *node.Node, ctx *cli.Context) error

func StartNode

func StartNode(stack *node.Node)

func StartPProf

func StartPProf(ctx *cli.Context)

func StartRPC

func StartRPC(stack *node.Node, ctx *cli.Context) error

StartRPC starts a HTTP JSON-RPC API server.

func StartWS

func StartWS(stack *node.Node, ctx *cli.Context) error

StartWS starts a websocket JSON-RPC API server.


type DirectoryFlag

type DirectoryFlag struct {
	Name   string
	Value  DirectoryString
	Usage  string
	EnvVar string

Custom cli.Flag type which expand the received string to an absolute path. e.g. ~/.ethereum -> /home/username/.ethereum

func (DirectoryFlag) Apply

func (self DirectoryFlag) Apply(set *flag.FlagSet)

called by cli library, grabs variable from environment (if in env) and adds variable to flag set for parsing.

func (*DirectoryFlag) Set

func (self *DirectoryFlag) Set(value string)

func (DirectoryFlag) String

func (self DirectoryFlag) String() string

type DirectoryString

type DirectoryString struct {
	Value string

Custom type which is registered in the flags library which cli uses for argument parsing. This allows us to expand Value to an absolute path when the argument is parsed

func (*DirectoryString) Set

func (self *DirectoryString) Set(value string) error

func (*DirectoryString) String

func (self *DirectoryString) String() string

type Jeth

type Jeth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewJeth

func NewJeth(re *jsre.JSRE, client rpc.Client) *Jeth

NewJeth create a new backend for the JSRE console

func (*Jeth) NewAccount

func (self *Jeth) NewAccount(call otto.FunctionCall) (response otto.Value)

NewAccount asks the user for the password and than executes the jeth.newAccount callback in the jsre

func (*Jeth) Send

func (self *Jeth) Send(call otto.FunctionCall) (response otto.Value)

func (*Jeth) Sleep

func (self *Jeth) Sleep(call otto.FunctionCall) (response otto.Value)

Sleep will halt the console for arg[0] seconds.

func (*Jeth) SleepBlocks

func (self *Jeth) SleepBlocks(call otto.FunctionCall) (response otto.Value)

SleepBlocks will wait for a specified number of new blocks or max for a given of seconds. sleepBlocks(nBlocks[, maxSleep]).

func (*Jeth) UnlockAccount

func (self *Jeth) UnlockAccount(call otto.FunctionCall) (response otto.Value)

UnlockAccount asks the user for the password and than executes the jeth.UnlockAccount callback in the jsre

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