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Published: Jan 25, 2016 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 22 Imported by: 6



Package downloader contains the manual full chain synchronisation.



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var (
	MaxHashFetch    = 512 // Amount of hashes to be fetched per retrieval request
	MaxBlockFetch   = 128 // Amount of blocks to be fetched per retrieval request
	MaxHeaderFetch  = 192 // Amount of block headers to be fetched per retrieval request
	MaxBodyFetch    = 128 // Amount of block bodies to be fetched per retrieval request
	MaxReceiptFetch = 256 // Amount of transaction receipts to allow fetching per request
	MaxStateFetch   = 384 // Amount of node state values to allow fetching per request



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type DoneEvent

type DoneEvent struct{}

type Downloader

type Downloader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(stateDb ethdb.Database, mux *event.TypeMux, hasHeader headerCheckFn, hasBlockAndState blockAndStateCheckFn,
	getHeader headerRetrievalFn, getBlock blockRetrievalFn, headHeader headHeaderRetrievalFn, headBlock headBlockRetrievalFn,
	headFastBlock headFastBlockRetrievalFn, commitHeadBlock headBlockCommitterFn, getTd tdRetrievalFn, insertHeaders headerChainInsertFn,
	insertBlocks blockChainInsertFn, insertReceipts receiptChainInsertFn, rollback chainRollbackFn, dropPeer peerDropFn) *Downloader

New creates a new downloader to fetch hashes and blocks from remote peers.

func (*Downloader) DeliverBlocks

func (d *Downloader) DeliverBlocks(id string, blocks []*types.Block) (err error)

DeliverBlocks injects a new batch of blocks received from a remote node. This is usually invoked through the BlocksMsg by the protocol handler.

func (*Downloader) DeliverBodies

func (d *Downloader) DeliverBodies(id string, transactions [][]*types.Transaction, uncles [][]*types.Header) (err error)

DeliverBodies injects a new batch of block bodies received from a remote node.

func (*Downloader) DeliverHashes

func (d *Downloader) DeliverHashes(id string, hashes []common.Hash) (err error)

DeliverHashes injects a new batch of hashes received from a remote node into the download schedule. This is usually invoked through the BlockHashesMsg by the protocol handler.

func (*Downloader) DeliverHeaders

func (d *Downloader) DeliverHeaders(id string, headers []*types.Header) (err error)

DeliverHeaders injects a new batch of blck headers received from a remote node into the download schedule.

func (*Downloader) DeliverNodeData

func (d *Downloader) DeliverNodeData(id string, data [][]byte) (err error)

DeliverNodeData injects a new batch of node state data received from a remote node.

func (*Downloader) DeliverReceipts

func (d *Downloader) DeliverReceipts(id string, receipts [][]*types.Receipt) (err error)

DeliverReceipts injects a new batch of receipts received from a remote node.

func (*Downloader) Progress

func (d *Downloader) Progress() (uint64, uint64, uint64)

Progress retrieves the synchronisation boundaries, specifically the origin block where synchronisation started at (may have failed/suspended); the block or header sync is currently at; and the latest known block which the sync targets.

func (*Downloader) RegisterPeer

func (d *Downloader) RegisterPeer(id string, version int, head common.Hash,
	getRelHashes relativeHashFetcherFn, getAbsHashes absoluteHashFetcherFn, getBlocks blockFetcherFn,
	getRelHeaders relativeHeaderFetcherFn, getAbsHeaders absoluteHeaderFetcherFn, getBlockBodies blockBodyFetcherFn,
	getReceipts receiptFetcherFn, getNodeData stateFetcherFn) error

RegisterPeer injects a new download peer into the set of block source to be used for fetching hashes and blocks from.

func (*Downloader) Synchronise

func (d *Downloader) Synchronise(id string, head common.Hash, td *big.Int, mode SyncMode) error

Synchronise tries to sync up our local block chain with a remote peer, both adding various sanity checks as well as wrapping it with various log entries.

func (*Downloader) Synchronising

func (d *Downloader) Synchronising() bool

Synchronising returns whether the downloader is currently retrieving blocks.

func (*Downloader) Terminate

func (d *Downloader) Terminate()

Terminate interrupts the downloader, canceling all pending operations. The downloader cannot be reused after calling Terminate.

func (*Downloader) UnregisterPeer

func (d *Downloader) UnregisterPeer(id string) error

UnregisterPeer remove a peer from the known list, preventing any action from the specified peer. An effort is also made to return any pending fetches into the queue.

type FailedEvent

type FailedEvent struct{ Err error }

type Progress

type Progress struct {
	Origin  uint64 `json:"startingBlock"`
	Current uint64 `json:"currentBlock"`
	Height  uint64 `json:"highestBlock"`

Progress gives progress indications when the node is synchronising with the Ethereum network.

type PublicDownloaderAPI

type PublicDownloaderAPI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PublicDownloaderAPI provides an API which gives informatoin about the current synchronisation status. It offers only methods that operates on data that can be available to anyone without security risks.

func NewPublicDownloaderAPI

func NewPublicDownloaderAPI(d *Downloader) *PublicDownloaderAPI

NewPublicDownloaderAPI create a new PublicDownloaderAPI.

func (*PublicDownloaderAPI) Syncing

func (s *PublicDownloaderAPI) Syncing() (rpc.Subscription, error)

Syncing provides information when this nodes starts synchronising with the Ethereumn network and when it's finished.

type StartEvent

type StartEvent struct{}

type SyncMode

type SyncMode int

SyncMode represents the synchronisation mode of the downloader.

const (
	FullSync  SyncMode = iota // Synchronise the entire blockchain history from full blocks
	FastSync                  // Quickly download the headers, full sync only at the chain head
	LightSync                 // Download only the headers and terminate afterwards

type SyncingResult

type SyncingResult struct {
	Syncing bool     `json:"syncing"`
	Status  Progress `json:"status"`

SyncingResult provides information about the current synchronisation status for this node.

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