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const (
	Version = "0.2.1"

	NodeDir      = ".knstld"
	Bech32Prefix = "darc"

	EnvPrefixNode = "knstl"
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const DefaultGas = 1200000


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var (
	// DefaultNodeHome sets the folder where the application data and configuration will be stored
	DefaultNodeHome = os.ExpandEnv("$HOME/") + NodeDir

	// If EnabledSpecificProposals is "", and this is "true", then enable all x/wasm proposals.
	// If EnabledSpecificProposals is "", and this is not "true", then disable all x/wasm proposals.
	ProposalsEnabled = "false"
	// If set to non-empty string it must be comma-separated list of values that are all a subset
	// of "EnableAllProposals" (takes precedence over ProposalsEnabled)
	EnableSpecificProposals = ""
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var (
	// ModuleBasics defines the module BasicManager is in charge of setting up basic,
	// non-dependant module elements, such as codec registration
	// and genesis verification.
	ModuleBasics = module.NewBasicManager(

	// GenesisUpdaters is in charge of changing default genesis provided by cosmos sdk modules
	GenesisUpdaters = types.NewGenesisUpdaters(
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var DefaultConsensusParams = &abci.ConsensusParams{
	Block: &abci.BlockParams{
		MaxBytes: 200000,
		MaxGas:   2000000,
	Evidence: &tmproto.EvidenceParams{
		MaxAgeNumBlocks: 302400,
		MaxAgeDuration:  504 * time.Hour,
		MaxBytes:        10000,
	Validator: &tmproto.ValidatorParams{
		PubKeyTypes: []string{

    DefaultConsensusParams defines the default Tendermint consensus params used in WasmApp testing.


    func AddTestAddrs

    func AddTestAddrs(app *KonstellationApp, ctx sdk.Context, accNum int, accAmt sdk.Int) []sdk.AccAddress

      AddTestAddrs constructs and returns accNum amount of accounts with an initial balance of accAmt in random order

      func AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys

      func AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys(app *KonstellationApp, ctx sdk.Context, pubKeys []cryptotypes.PubKey, accAmt sdk.Int)

        AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys adds the addresses into the WasmApp providing only the public keys.

        func AddTestAddrsIncremental

        func AddTestAddrsIncremental(app *KonstellationApp, ctx sdk.Context, accNum int, accAmt sdk.Int) []sdk.AccAddress

          AddTestAddrs constructs and returns accNum amount of accounts with an initial balance of accAmt in random order

          func CheckBalance

          func CheckBalance(t *testing.T, app *KonstellationApp, addr sdk.AccAddress, balances sdk.Coins)

            CheckBalance checks the balance of an account.

            func ConvertAddrsToValAddrs

            func ConvertAddrsToValAddrs(addrs []sdk.AccAddress) []sdk.ValAddress

              ConvertAddrsToValAddrs converts the provided addresses to ValAddress.

              func CreateTestPubKeys

              func CreateTestPubKeys(numPubKeys int) []cryptotypes.PubKey

                CreateTestPubKeys returns a total of numPubKeys public keys in ascending order.

                func GenSequenceOfTxs

                func GenSequenceOfTxs(txGen client.TxConfig, msgs []sdk.Msg, accNums []uint64, initSeqNums []uint64, numToGenerate int, priv ...cryptotypes.PrivKey) ([]sdk.Tx, error)

                  GenSequenceOfTxs generates a set of signed transactions of messages, such that they differ only by having the sequence numbers incremented between every transaction.

                  func GetEnabledProposals

                  func GetEnabledProposals() []wasm.ProposalType

                  func GetMaccPerms

                  func GetMaccPerms() map[string][]string

                    GetMaccPerms returns a copy of the module account permissions

                    func NewPubKeyFromHex

                    func NewPubKeyFromHex(pk string) (res cryptotypes.PubKey)

                      NewPubKeyFromHex returns a PubKey from a hex string.

                      func RegisterSwaggerAPI

                      func RegisterSwaggerAPI(_ client.Context, rtr *mux.Router)

                        RegisterSwaggerAPI registers swagger route with API Server

                        func SignCheckDeliver

                        func SignCheckDeliver(
                        	t *testing.T, txCfg client.TxConfig, app *bam.BaseApp, header tmproto.Header, msgs []sdk.Msg,
                        	chainID string, accNums, accSeqs []uint64, expSimPass, expPass bool, priv ...cryptotypes.PrivKey,
                        ) (sdk.GasInfo, *sdk.Result, error)

                          SignCheckDeliver checks a generated signed transaction and simulates a block commitment with the given transaction. A test assertion is made using the parameter 'expPass' against the result. A corresponding result is returned.

                          func TestAddr

                          func TestAddr(addr string, bech string) (sdk.AccAddress, error)


                          type EmptyBaseAppOptions

                          type EmptyBaseAppOptions struct{}

                            EmptyBaseAppOptions is a stub implementing AppOptions

                            func (EmptyBaseAppOptions) Get

                            func (ao EmptyBaseAppOptions) Get(o string) interface{}

                              Get implements AppOptions

                              type EncodingConfig

                              type EncodingConfig struct {
                              	InterfaceRegistry types.InterfaceRegistry
                              	Marshaler         codec.Marshaler
                              	TxConfig          client.TxConfig
                              	Amino             *codec.LegacyAmino

                                EncodingConfig specifies the concrete encoding types to use for a given app. This is provided for compatibility between protobuf and amino implementations.

                                func MakeEncodingConfig

                                func MakeEncodingConfig() EncodingConfig

                                type GenerateAccountStrategy

                                type GenerateAccountStrategy func(int) []sdk.AccAddress

                                type GenesisState

                                type GenesisState map[string]json.RawMessage

                                  The genesis state of the blockchain is represented here as a map of raw json messages key'd by a identifier string. The identifier is used to determine which module genesis information belongs to so it may be appropriately routed during init chain. Within this application default genesis information is retrieved from the ModuleBasicManager which populates json from each BasicModule object provided to it during init.

                                  func NewDefaultGenesisState

                                  func NewDefaultGenesisState() GenesisState

                                    NewDefaultGenesisState generates the default state for the application.

                                    type KonstellationApp

                                    type KonstellationApp struct {
                                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                    func NewKonstellationApp

                                    func NewKonstellationApp(logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, traceStore io.Writer, loadLatest bool,
                                    	skipUpgradeHeights map[int64]bool, homePath string, invCheckPeriod uint, enabledProposals []wasm.ProposalType,
                                    	appOpts servertypes.AppOptions, baseAppOptions ...func(*baseapp.BaseApp)) *KonstellationApp

                                      NewKonstellationApp is a constructor function for KonstellationApp

                                      func Setup

                                      func Setup(isCheckTx bool) *KonstellationApp

                                        Setup initializes a new WasmApp. A Nop logger is set in WasmApp.

                                        func SetupWithGenesisAccounts

                                        func SetupWithGenesisAccounts(genAccs []authtypes.GenesisAccount, balances ...banktypes.Balance) *KonstellationApp

                                          SetupWithGenesisAccounts initializes a new WasmApp with the provided genesis accounts and possible balances.

                                          func SetupWithGenesisValSet

                                          func SetupWithGenesisValSet(t *testing.T, valSet *tmtypes.ValidatorSet, genAccs []authtypes.GenesisAccount, balances ...banktypes.Balance) *KonstellationApp

                                            SetupWithGenesisValSet initializes a new WasmApp with a validator set and genesis accounts that also act as delegators. For simplicity, each validator is bonded with a delegation of one consensus engine unit (10^6) in the default token of the WasmApp from first genesis account. A Nop logger is set in WasmApp.

                                            func (*KonstellationApp) BeginBlocker

                                              application updates every begin block

                                              func (*KonstellationApp) BlockedAddrs

                                              func (app *KonstellationApp) BlockedAddrs() map[string]bool

                                                BlockedAddrs returns all the app's module account addresses that are not allowed to receive external tokens.

                                                func (*KonstellationApp) EndBlocker

                                                  EndBlocker application updates every end block

                                                  func (*KonstellationApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators

                                                  func (app *KonstellationApp) ExportAppStateAndValidators(
                                                  	forZeroHeight bool, jailAllowedAddrs []string,
                                                  ) (servertypes.ExportedApp, error)

                                                    ExportAppStateAndValidators exports the state of the application for a genesis file.

                                                    func (*KonstellationApp) InitChainer

                                                      InitChainer application update at chain initialization

                                                      func (*KonstellationApp) LegacyAmino

                                                      func (app *KonstellationApp) LegacyAmino() *codec.LegacyAmino

                                                        LegacyAmino returns SimApp's amino codec.

                                                        NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes as it may be desirable for modules to register their own custom testing types.

                                                        func (*KonstellationApp) LoadHeight

                                                        func (app *KonstellationApp) LoadHeight(height int64) error

                                                          LoadHeight loads a particular height

                                                          func (*KonstellationApp) ModuleAccountAddrs

                                                          func (app *KonstellationApp) ModuleAccountAddrs() map[string]bool

                                                            ModuleAccountAddrs returns all the app's module account addresses.

                                                            func (*KonstellationApp) Name

                                                            func (app *KonstellationApp) Name() string

                                                              Name returns the name of the App

                                                              func (*KonstellationApp) RegisterAPIRoutes

                                                              func (app *KonstellationApp) RegisterAPIRoutes(apiSvr *api.Server, apiConfig config.APIConfig)

                                                                RegisterAPIRoutes registers all application module routes with the provided API server.

                                                                func (*KonstellationApp) RegisterTendermintService

                                                                func (app *KonstellationApp) RegisterTendermintService(clientCtx client.Context)

                                                                  RegisterTendermintService implements the Application.RegisterTendermintService method.

                                                                  func (*KonstellationApp) RegisterTxService

                                                                  func (app *KonstellationApp) RegisterTxService(clientCtx client.Context)

                                                                    RegisterTxService implements the Application.RegisterTxService method.

                                                                    func (*KonstellationApp) SimulationManager

                                                                    func (app *KonstellationApp) SimulationManager() *module.SimulationManager

                                                                      SimulationManager implements the SimulationApp interface

                                                                      type TestSupport

                                                                      type TestSupport struct {
                                                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                      func NewTestSupport

                                                                      func NewTestSupport(t *testing.T, app *KonstellationApp) *TestSupport

                                                                      func (TestSupport) AppCodec

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) AppCodec() codec.Marshaler

                                                                      func (TestSupport) BankKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) BankKeeper() bankkeeper.Keeper

                                                                      func (TestSupport) IBCKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) IBCKeeper() ibckeeper.Keeper

                                                                      func (TestSupport) ScopeIBCKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) ScopeIBCKeeper() capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper

                                                                      func (TestSupport) ScopedTransferKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) ScopedTransferKeeper() capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper

                                                                      func (TestSupport) StakingKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) StakingKeeper() stakingkeeper.Keeper

                                                                      func (TestSupport) TransferKeeper

                                                                      func (s TestSupport) TransferKeeper() ibctransferkeeper.Keeper