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Published: Jan 11, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 186 Imported by: 1




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const (
	AccountAddressPrefixMainNet = "pb"
	AccountAddressPrefixTestNet = "tp"
	CoinTypeMainNet             = 505
	CoinTypeTestNet             = 1
	Purpose                     = 44


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var (
	// DefaultNodeHome default home directories for the application daemon
	DefaultNodeHome string

	// DefaultPowerReduction pio specific value for power reduction for TokensFromConsensusPower
	DefaultPowerReduction = sdk.NewIntFromUint64(1000000000)

	// ModuleBasics defines the module BasicManager is in charge of setting up basic,
	// non-dependant module elements, such as codec registration
	// and genesis verification.
	ModuleBasics = module.NewBasicManager(


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var (
	AccountAddressPrefix   = AccountAddressPrefixMainNet
	AccountPubKeyPrefix    = AccountAddressPrefix + "pub"
	ValidatorAddressPrefix = AccountAddressPrefix + "valoper"
	ValidatorPubKeyPrefix  = AccountAddressPrefix + "valoperpub"
	ConsNodeAddressPrefix  = AccountAddressPrefix + "valcons"
	ConsNodePubKeyPrefix   = AccountAddressPrefix + "valconspub"
	CoinType               = CoinTypeMainNet
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var DefaultConsensusParams = &abci.ConsensusParams{
	Block: &abci.BlockParams{
		MaxBytes: 200000,
		MaxGas:   60_000_000,
	Evidence: &tmproto.EvidenceParams{
		MaxAgeNumBlocks: 302400,
		MaxAgeDuration:  504 * time.Hour,
		MaxBytes:        10000,
	Validator: &tmproto.ValidatorParams{
		PubKeyTypes: []string{

DefaultConsensusParams defines the default Tendermint consensus params used in SimApp testing.


func AddTestAddrs added in v1.0.0

func AddTestAddrs(app *App, ctx sdk.Context, accNum int, accAmt sdkmath.Int) []sdk.AccAddress

AddTestAddrs constructs and returns accNum amount of accounts with an initial balance of accAmt in random order

func AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys added in v1.0.0

func AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys(app *App, ctx sdk.Context, pubKeys []cryptotypes.PubKey, accAmt sdkmath.Int)

AddTestAddrsFromPubKeys adds the addresses into the App providing only the public keys.

func AddTestAddrsIncremental added in v1.0.0

func AddTestAddrsIncremental(app *App, ctx sdk.Context, accNum int, accAmt sdkmath.Int) []sdk.AccAddress

AddTestAddrsIncremental constructs and returns accNum amount of accounts with an initial balance of accAmt in random order

func CreateTestPubKeys added in v1.0.0

func CreateTestPubKeys(numPubKeys int) []cryptotypes.PubKey

CreateTestPubKeys returns a total of numPubKeys public keys in ascending order.

func GetMaccPerms

func GetMaccPerms() map[string][]string

GetMaccPerms returns a copy of the module account permissions

func GetPioMainnet1DenomToNav added in v1.17.0

func GetPioMainnet1DenomToNav() map[string]markertypes.NetAssetValue

GetPioMainnet1DenomToNav are net asset values for the pio-mainnet-1 taken at blockheight 13631650 Source: NOTE: These should not be ran against any other network but pio-mainnet-1

func GetUpgradeStoreLoader added in v1.13.0

func GetUpgradeStoreLoader(app *App, info upgradetypes.Plan) baseapp.StoreLoader

GetUpgradeStoreLoader creates an StoreLoader for use in an upgrade. Returns nil if no upgrade info is found or the upgrade doesn't need a store loader.

func InstallCustomUpgradeHandlers added in v0.3.0

func InstallCustomUpgradeHandlers(app *App)

InstallCustomUpgradeHandlers sets upgrade handlers for all entries in the upgrades map.

func MakeEncodingConfig

func MakeEncodingConfig() params.EncodingConfig

MakeTestEncodingConfig creates an EncodingConfig for testing. This function should be used only in tests or when creating a new app instance (NewApp*()). App user shouldn't create new codecs - use the app.AppCodec instead. [DEPRECATED]

func NewDebugLogger added in v1.16.0

func NewDebugLogger() log.Logger

NewDebugLogger creates a new logger to stdout with level debug. Standard usage: defer SetLoggerMaker(SetLoggerMaker(NewDebugLogger))

func NewInfoLogger added in v1.16.0

func NewInfoLogger() log.Logger

NewInfoLogger creates a new logger to stdout with level info. Standard usage: defer SetLoggerMaker(SetLoggerMaker(NewInfoLogger))

func NewPubKeyFromHex added in v1.0.0

func NewPubKeyFromHex(pk string) (res cryptotypes.PubKey)

NewPubKeyFromHex returns a PubKey from a hex string.

func RegisterSwaggerAPI

func RegisterSwaggerAPI(_ client.Context, rtr *mux.Router)

RegisterSwaggerAPI registers swagger route with API Server

func SdkCoinDenomRegex added in v1.2.0

func SdkCoinDenomRegex() string

SdkCoinDenomRegex returns a new sdk base denom regex string

func SetConfig

func SetConfig(testnet bool, seal bool)

SetConfig sets the configuration for the network using mainnet or testnet

func TestAddr added in v1.0.0

func TestAddr(addr string, bech string) (sdk.AccAddress, error)

func ValidateWrapper added in v1.17.1

func ValidateWrapper(logger log.Logger, appOpts servertypes.AppOptions, storeLoader baseapp.StoreLoader) baseapp.StoreLoader

ValidateWrapper creates a new StoreLoader that first checks the config settings before calling the provided StoreLoader.

func WrapStoreLoader added in v1.17.1

func WrapStoreLoader(wrapper StoreLoaderWrapper, storeLoader baseapp.StoreLoader) baseapp.StoreLoader

WrapStoreLoader creates a new StoreLoader by wrapping an existing one.


type App

type App struct {

	// keepers
	AccountKeeper    authkeeper.AccountKeeper
	BankKeeper       bankkeeper.Keeper
	CapabilityKeeper *capabilitykeeper.Keeper
	StakingKeeper    stakingkeeper.Keeper
	SlashingKeeper   slashingkeeper.Keeper
	MintKeeper       mintkeeper.Keeper
	DistrKeeper      distrkeeper.Keeper
	GovKeeper        govkeeper.Keeper
	CrisisKeeper     crisiskeeper.Keeper
	UpgradeKeeper    upgradekeeper.Keeper
	ParamsKeeper     paramskeeper.Keeper
	AuthzKeeper      authzkeeper.Keeper
	GroupKeeper      groupkeeper.Keeper
	EvidenceKeeper   evidencekeeper.Keeper
	FeeGrantKeeper   feegrantkeeper.Keeper
	MsgFeesKeeper    msgfeeskeeper.Keeper
	RewardKeeper     rewardkeeper.Keeper
	QuarantineKeeper quarantinekeeper.Keeper
	SanctionKeeper   sanctionkeeper.Keeper
	TriggerKeeper    triggerkeeper.Keeper
	OracleKeeper     oraclekeeper.Keeper

	IBCKeeper      *ibckeeper.Keeper // IBC Keeper must be a pointer in the app, so we can SetRouter on it correctly
	IBCHooksKeeper *ibchookskeeper.Keeper
	ICAHostKeeper  *icahostkeeper.Keeper
	TransferKeeper *ibctransferkeeper.Keeper
	ICQKeeper      icqkeeper.Keeper

	MarkerKeeper    markerkeeper.Keeper
	MetadataKeeper  metadatakeeper.Keeper
	AttributeKeeper attributekeeper.Keeper
	NameKeeper      namekeeper.Keeper
	HoldKeeper      holdkeeper.Keeper
	ExchangeKeeper  exchangekeeper.Keeper
	WasmKeeper      *wasm.Keeper
	ContractKeeper  *wasmkeeper.PermissionedKeeper

	// make scoped keepers public for test purposes
	ScopedIBCKeeper      capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
	ScopedTransferKeeper capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
	ScopedICAHostKeeper  capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
	ScopedICQKeeper      capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper
	ScopedOracleKeeper   capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper

	TransferStack    *ibchooks.IBCMiddleware
	Ics20WasmHooks   *ibchooks.WasmHooks
	Ics20MarkerHooks *ibchooks.MarkerHooks
	IbcHooks         *ibchooks.IbcHooks
	HooksICS4Wrapper ibchooks.ICS4Middleware
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

App extends an ABCI application, but with most of its parameters exported. They are exported for convenience in creating helper functions, as object capabilities aren't needed for testing.

func New

func New(
	logger log.Logger, db dbm.DB, traceStore io.Writer, loadLatest bool, skipUpgradeHeights map[int64]bool,
	homePath string, invCheckPeriod uint, encodingConfig appparams.EncodingConfig,
	appOpts servertypes.AppOptions, baseAppOptions ...func(*baseapp.BaseApp),
) *App

New returns a reference to an initialized Provenance Blockchain App.

func NewAppWithCustomOptions added in v1.13.0

func NewAppWithCustomOptions(t *testing.T, isCheckTx bool, options SetupOptions) *App

NewAppWithCustomOptions initializes a new SimApp with custom options.

func Setup

func Setup(t *testing.T) *App

Setup initializes a new App. A Nop logger is set in App.

func SetupQuerier added in v1.13.0

func SetupQuerier(t *testing.T) *App

SetupQuerier initializes a new App without genesis and without calling InitChain.

func SetupWithGenesisAccounts

func SetupWithGenesisAccounts(t *testing.T, chainID string, genAccs []authtypes.GenesisAccount, balances ...banktypes.Balance) *App

SetupWithGenesisAccounts initializes a new App with the provided genesis accounts and possible balances.

func SetupWithGenesisRewardsProgram added in v1.13.0

func SetupWithGenesisRewardsProgram(t *testing.T, nextRewardProgramID uint64, genesisRewards []rewardtypes.RewardProgram, genAccs []authtypes.GenesisAccount, valSet *tmtypes.ValidatorSet, balances ...banktypes.Balance) *App

SetupWithGenesisRewardsProgram initializes a new SimApp with the provided rewards programs, genesis accounts, validators, and balances.

func SetupWithGenesisValSet

func SetupWithGenesisValSet(t *testing.T, chainID string, valSet *tmtypes.ValidatorSet, genAccs []authtypes.GenesisAccount, balances ...banktypes.Balance) *App

SetupWithGenesisValSet initializes a new App with a validator set and genesis accounts that also act as delegators. For simplicity, each validator is bonded with a delegation of one consensus engine unit in the default token of the app from first genesis account. A Nop logger is set in App.

func (*App) AppCodec

func (app *App) AppCodec() codec.Codec

AppCodec returns Provenance's app codec.

NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes as it may be desirable for modules to register their own custom testing types.

func (*App) BeginBlocker

func (app *App) BeginBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestBeginBlock) abci.ResponseBeginBlock

BeginBlocker application updates every begin block

func (*App) EndBlocker

func (app *App) EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestEndBlock) abci.ResponseEndBlock

EndBlocker application updates every end block

func (*App) ExportAppStateAndValidators

func (app *App) ExportAppStateAndValidators(
	forZeroHeight bool, jailAllowedAddrs []string,
) (servertypes.ExportedApp, error)

ExportAppStateAndValidators exports the state of the application for a genesis file.

func (*App) GetBaseApp added in v1.17.0

func (app *App) GetBaseApp() *baseapp.BaseApp

GetBaseApp returns the base cosmos app

func (*App) GetIBCKeeper added in v1.17.0

func (app *App) GetIBCKeeper() *ibckeeper.Keeper

GetIBCKeeper returns the ibc keeper (for ibc testing)

func (*App) GetKey

func (app *App) GetKey(storeKey string) *storetypes.KVStoreKey

GetKey returns the KVStoreKey for the provided store key.

NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes.

func (*App) GetMemKey

func (app *App) GetMemKey(storeKey string) *storetypes.MemoryStoreKey

GetMemKey returns the MemStoreKey for the provided mem key.

NOTE: This is solely used for testing purposes.

func (*App) GetScopedIBCKeeper added in v1.17.0

func (app *App) GetScopedIBCKeeper() capabilitykeeper.ScopedKeeper

GetScopedIBCKeeper returns the scoped ibc keeper (for ibc testing)

func (*App) GetStakingKeeper added in v1.17.0

func (app *App) GetStakingKeeper() ibctestingtypes.StakingKeeper

GetStakingKeeper returns the staking keeper (for ibc testing)

func (*App) GetSubspace

func (app *App) GetSubspace(moduleName string) paramstypes.Subspace

GetSubspace returns a param subspace for a given module name.

NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes.

func (*App) GetTKey

func (app *App) GetTKey(storeKey string) *storetypes.TransientStoreKey

GetTKey returns the TransientStoreKey for the provided store key.

NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes.

func (*App) GetTxConfig added in v1.17.0

func (app *App) GetTxConfig() client.TxConfig

GetTxConfig implements the TestingApp interface (for ibc testing).

func (*App) InitChainer

func (app *App) InitChainer(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestInitChain) abci.ResponseInitChain

InitChainer application update at chain initialization

func (*App) InterfaceRegistry

func (app *App) InterfaceRegistry() types.InterfaceRegistry

InterfaceRegistry returns Provenance's InterfaceRegistry

func (*App) LegacyAmino

func (app *App) LegacyAmino() *codec.LegacyAmino

LegacyAmino returns SimApp's amino codec.

NOTE: This is solely to be used for testing purposes as it may be desirable for modules to register their own custom testing types.

func (*App) LoadHeight

func (app *App) LoadHeight(height int64) error

LoadHeight loads a particular height

func (*App) ModuleAccountAddrs

func (app *App) ModuleAccountAddrs() map[string]bool

ModuleAccountAddrs returns all the app's module account addresses.

func (*App) Name

func (app *App) Name() string

Name returns the name of the App

func (*App) RegisterAPIRoutes

func (app *App) RegisterAPIRoutes(apiSvr *api.Server, apiConfig config.APIConfig)

RegisterAPIRoutes registers all application module routes with the provided API server.

func (*App) RegisterNodeService added in v1.13.0

func (app *App) RegisterNodeService(clientCtx client.Context)

RegisterNodeService registers the node query server.

func (*App) RegisterStreamingServices added in v1.14.0

func (app *App) RegisterStreamingServices(appOpts servertypes.AppOptions)

RegisterStreamingServices registers types.ABCIListener State Listening services with the App.

func (*App) RegisterTendermintService

func (app *App) RegisterTendermintService(clientCtx client.Context)

RegisterTendermintService implements the Application.RegisterTendermintService method.

func (*App) RegisterTxService

func (app *App) RegisterTxService(clientCtx client.Context)

RegisterTxService implements the Application.RegisterTxService method.

func (*App) SimulationManager

func (app *App) SimulationManager() *module.SimulationManager

SimulationManager implements the SimulationApp interface

type CosmosApp

type CosmosApp interface {
	// The assigned name of the app.
	Name() string

	// The application types codec.
	// NOTE: This shoult be sealed before being returned.
	LegacyAmino() *codec.LegacyAmino

	// Application updates every begin block.
	BeginBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestBeginBlock) abci.ResponseBeginBlock

	// Application updates every end block.
	EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestEndBlock) abci.ResponseEndBlock

	// Application update at chain (i.e app) initialization.
	InitChainer(ctx sdk.Context, req abci.RequestInitChain) abci.ResponseInitChain

	// Loads the app at a given height.
	LoadHeight(height int64) error

	// Exports the state of the application for a genesis file.
		forZeroHeight bool, jailAllowedAddrs []string,
	) (types.ExportedApp, error)

	// All the registered module account addreses.
	ModuleAccountAddrs() map[string]bool

	// Helper for the simulation framework.
	SimulationManager() *module.SimulationManager

App implements the common methods for a Cosmos SDK-based application specific blockchain.

type GenerateAccountStrategy added in v1.0.0

type GenerateAccountStrategy func(int) []sdk.AccAddress

type GenesisState

type GenesisState map[string]json.RawMessage

The genesis state of the blockchain is represented here as a map of raw json messages key'd by a identifier string. The identifier is used to determine which module genesis information belongs to so it may be appropriately routed during init chain. Within this application default genesis information is retrieved from the ModuleBasicManager which populates json from each BasicModule object provided to it during init.

func GenesisStateWithSingleValidator added in v1.13.0

func GenesisStateWithSingleValidator(t *testing.T, app *App) GenesisState

GenesisStateWithSingleValidator initializes GenesisState with a single validator and genesis accounts that also act as delegators.

func NewDefaultGenesisState

func NewDefaultGenesisState(cdc codec.JSONCodec) GenesisState

NewDefaultGenesisState generates the default state for the application.

type LoggerMakerFn added in v1.16.0

type LoggerMakerFn func() log.Logger

A LoggerMakerFn is a function that makes a logger.

func SetLoggerMaker added in v1.16.0

func SetLoggerMaker(newLoggerMaker LoggerMakerFn) LoggerMakerFn

SetLoggerMaker sets the global loggerMaker variable (used for test setup) and returns what it was before.

Example usage: defer SetLoggerMaker(SetLoggerMaker(NewDebugLogger))

The inside SetLoggerMaker(NewDebugLogger) is called immediately at that line and it's result is defined as the argument to the outside SetLoggerMaker which is invoked via defer when the function returns. Basically, it temporarily changes the loggerMaker for the duration of the function in question. That line would be added before a call to one of the app setup functions, e.g. SetupWithGenesisRewardsProgram.

This function should never be called in any committed code. It's only for test troubleshooting.

type MessageRouterFunc added in v1.8.0

type MessageRouterFunc func(msg sdk.Msg) baseapp.MsgServiceHandler

MessageRouterFunc convenient type to match the keeper.MessageRouter interface

func (MessageRouterFunc) Handler added in v1.8.0

Handler is the entry point

type PioMessageRouter added in v1.8.0

type PioMessageRouter struct {
	HandlerFn func(msg sdk.Msg) baseapp.MsgServiceHandler

PioMessageRouter pio wasmd MessageRouter

func (PioMessageRouter) Handler added in v1.8.0

Handler is the entry point

type SetupOptions added in v1.13.0

type SetupOptions struct {
	Logger             log.Logger
	DB                 *dbm.MemDB
	InvCheckPeriod     uint
	HomePath           string
	SkipUpgradeHeights map[int64]bool
	EncConfig          params.EncodingConfig
	AppOpts            servertypes.AppOptions
	ChainID            string

SetupOptions defines arguments that are passed into `Simapp` constructor.

type StoreLoaderWrapper added in v1.17.1

type StoreLoaderWrapper func(sdk.CommitMultiStore, baseapp.StoreLoader) error

StoreLoaderWrapper is a wrapper function that is called before the StoreLoader.

type WasmWrapper

type WasmWrapper struct {
	Wasm wasm.Config `mapstructure:"wasm"`

WasmWrapper allows us to use namespacing in the config file This is only used for parsing in the app, x/wasm expects WasmConfig


Path Synopsis
Package params defines the simulation parameters in the simapp.
Package params defines the simulation parameters in the simapp.

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